Managing FYI Excel Master Report Templates

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FYI includes a range of Report Templates for your practice management reporting needs. 

Adding FYI Master Report Templates

You can add another copy of the FYI Master Report Templates to your practice at any time, for example, if you have modified the original templates that were first installed with FYI.

To do this, you will need to:

  1. Upload the new Templates (using the Drag and Drop method is the most efficient)
  2. Update the Filing Details
  3. Set the Report Template to Active

The Master Report Templates can be downloaded from the Download Files section at the bottom of this article.

Step 1 - Upload the Template (Drag and Drop)

The Drag and Drop method is the most efficient method for adding the report templates to your practice.

  1. Download the Report Templates from the bottom of this article - refer to Download Files.

  2. In FYI, click the Knowledge menu option.

  3. Go to the Templates tab.

  4. Drag and drop one or more files onto the Knowledge - Templates tab. A message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen "Drop a file to upload" with the file icons. 
  5. The Import Drawer will be displayed, listing the files to be uploaded.
  6. The Cabinet will be automatically set to Templates. If categories have been enabled for the Templates cabinet, these can be updated as relevant to the Templates being created.

  7. If you have uploaded a single file, you will be able to update the Template Name and Name. For multiple files, the file name will be used automatically, and you will be able to update the name after the files have been imported.

  8. Click Create.

  9. The files will be imported, and displayed in the Templates list as drafts.

Step 2 - Update the Filing details

  1. Click on the imported report in the Knowledge list to display the Spreadsheet drawer.
  2. Update the Template Name if required. This field is used to identify the template internally and is displayed when users are selecting a Template to create a report.

  3. Update the Name if required. The Name is used when a report is created from the template, and is displayed in Document Lists. 
    Use Merge Fields to customise the Name each time a report is created. For example, when running a report in January 2024 with the Name of "Job Profitability {{ "now" | add_interval: "-1 month" | date: "%B %Y" }}", the report would be created with the name of "Job Profitability December 2023". Refer to the FYI Merge Fields Comprehensive Guide for a list of available Merge Fields and advanced options. Sample Report Names have been provided below in the section Latest Master Report Template Versions.

  4. Click the Filing heading to expand the section.
  5. Click Merge Names and Excel Report to toggle the options on.
    This will ensure the data from FYI can be inserted into the file correctly.
  6. To select the data that will be displayed on the report, you will need to select a View Type and a View

    The View Type is used to select what type of data is shared with the report.
    The View is used to determine the data and columns displayed in the view. This field is only displayed after the View Type has been selected.

  7. Select a View Type relevant to the report, for example, the "Job Profitability Report" would use a View Type of "Jobs". 

  8. Select a View from the drop-down.
    To modify the columns on a view (and change the data displayed on the report) refer to Saving Changes to the View Layout, Modifying and Deleting Views.
  9. To add all available columns to the report, tick Include All Columns.
    This will include all available columns in the report, not just those currently displayed in the View.
  10. Select the Filing Categories (if configured for the Templates cabinet).
    This determines how the report will be shown in the Knowledge Templates list.
    Note: The Cabinet is always set to Templates and cannot be changed.
  11. Click the AutoFile Defaults heading to expand the section.

  12. Select a Cabinet from the drop-down.
    When the report is created from the template it will be automatically filed to this cabinet.
    Note: To create a Cabinet specifically for reports, refer to Managing Cabinets.


Step 3 - Change Status to Active

When creating a report from a template, users will not be able to select templates with a "Draft" status.  After the Template has been uploaded and the Filing settings configured, the Status will need to be updated.

  1. In the Filing section, change the Status to "Active".

Users will now be able to create a report using the new Report Template.

Latest Master Report Template Versions


Click the Report Name to download the template, or refer to the Download Files section below.

The Sample Report Name includes advanced Merge Fields to automatically insert data when a report is created, for example, the previous month. These have been provided as a guide only, and are optional to use within your practice.

Report Sample Report Name Current Version
Aged Receivables Aged Receivables Report {{ "now" | add_interval: "-1 month" | date: "%B %Y" }} 3.2
Aged WIP Aged WIP Report {{ "now" | add_interval: "-1 month" | date: "%B %Y" }} 3.1
Average Hourly Rate Average Hourly Rate Report {{ "now" | add_interval: "-1 month" | date: "%B %Y" }} 3.1
Invoices Invoices Report {{ "now" | add_interval: "-1 month" | date: "%B %Y" }} 3.1
Job Profitability Job Profitability {{ "now" | add_interval: "-1 month" | date: "%B %Y" }} 3.1
Revenue Per FTE Revenue Per FTE Report {{ "now" | add_interval: "-1 month" | date: "%B %Y" }} 3.1
Staff Productivity Staff Productivity Report {{ "now" | add_interval: "-1 month" | date: "%B %Y" }} 3.2
Time Time Report {{ "now" | add_interval: "-1 month" | date: "%B %Y" }} 3.1
WIP Control WIP Control {{ "now" | add_interval: "-1 month" | date: "%B %Y" }} 3.1
WIP Lock Up WIP LockUp Report {{ "now" | add_interval: "-1 month" | date: "%B %Y" }} 3.1
Write Up Write Down Write Up Write Down Report {{ "now" | add_interval: "-1 month" | date: "%B %Y" }} 3.1

Updating the Master Report Templates

When new versions of the Master Report Templates are available, you will be able to update the existing templates in your practice, rather than create new ones.

To update an existing Template:

  1. Download the latest reports from the Latest Master Report Template Versions section above, or from the Download Files section at the bottom of this article.
  2. In FYI, click the Knowledge menu option.

  3. Go to the Templates tab.

  4. Click on the Report Template to display the Spreadsheet drawer.

  5. Click the Upload section to display the upload box. 

  6. Click and drag the file to the Upload box. The icon will briefly change to a paperclip.
  7. The file will be uploaded and become the Current version.

  8. Click the Versions section of the drawer to review the version history. 
    Note: A previous version of the Report Template can be restored by clicking the three dots ... button and selecting Set as current.

  9. Click the Activity section of the drawer. An entry will be added when new versions are uploaded. 

Download Files

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