FYI Migrate Errors

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Authentication error when installing the FYI Migrate app

When installing the FYI Migrate app the following error displays:

"Authentication error: Authentication failed Uri mismatch. Expected (/favcon.ico) Actual (/)."


This is related to the browser that you have as your default browser. For example, if the computer you are running the FYI Migrate on only has Internet Explorer installed and this is set as the default browser. This is not compatible with the FYI Migration app.

Install Chrome and make this your default browser.


Error "Authentication error: Authentication failed: An error response was returned by the OAuth2 server, but it could not be parsed. Please inspect the exception properties for details" in the FYI Migration app

When installing and starting the FYI Migrate app we get the following error.


If you have a proxy or firewall on the computer you are using to install the FYI Migrate App, either of these could be interfering with FYI Migrate App being able to make a successful connection.

When the Welcome to FYI Migrate screen displays, checkmark Use HTTP Proxy and enter the details for Host, Port, username and Password. If you do not know the details to enter, you will need to contact your IT consultant.



If this does not stop the error, you will need to consult your IT consultant who may need to configure the proxy settings to allow access through the firewall.


Error "Failed to upload stream - No such host is known"

This error is typically caused by environmental issues.

You will need to contact your IT consultant to request they review the following:

  • Firewalls.
  • Internet Connection (perform a Ping Test).
  • Serve Load and Performance.

Error "Exception retrieving Invu data" when starting the FYI Migration app

When starting the FYI Migration app, if you get an error such as "Exception retrieving Invu data" and the app skips all documents, this is due to an out-of-date FYI Migration app.

If you have been given the link to download the FYI Migrate app, download this again to make sure you have the latest version and restart the migration process.

If you are still seeing the error, please contact your Onboarding Consultant or FYI Implementor to download the latest FYI Migrate app. 



No permissions in ACL

After selecting the folders to migrate, a permission error displays.

Error: Permission error for folder "foldername".
Ensure the path exists and you have read permissions.
Error: No permissions in ACL.


You do not have sufficient permissions to enable the FYI Migrate application to access and upload your documents.


  1. Run the Migrate App as Administrator.
    • If the application is open, close the application.
    • Right-click on the application file, and select 'Run as administrator.

  2. Request IT assistance to upgrade your permissions.
    • If running as Administrator does not work, or you do not have access to run as administrator, please forward this guide to your IT provider.

Error due to a file system limitation and the sync stops at a certain file

If the syncing is giving a file system limitation error and the sync is stopping, this is likely due to fragmentation in a large file. This situation should not occur as the migration app will check for fragmentation and copy the file if needed. If the migration app is running for a long time, this could still occur, but restarting the migration app should fix this by copying the file.

If needed, the following are instructions for how to correct this manually.

For example, in the following error, the fragmentation was in the fyi_data file.

"The requested operation could not be completed due to a file system limitation: 'C:\Users\aaaaaa\AppData\Roaming\FYI Migrate\fyi_data.db'

To correct this:

  1. Shut down the migration app.
  2. Locate the file as shown in the error that was displayed.
  3. Take a copy of the file to another location.
  4. Delete the original file.
  5. Move the copied file back to where the original was with the same name.
  6. Restart the app.

Error occurred connecting to database


When trying to start Migrate App a message is displayed:

"Error occurred connecting to database ...:"



This is caused by either SQL not allowing remote connections to the server, the firewall not containing an exception for the port that SQL is using, or TCP/IP is disabled.


  1. Ensure the user account you are logged into the FYI app is the same account used to run the FYIMigrate app.
  2. Confirm that the correct server and database name have been selected in FYI Migrate.
  3. Check that the SQL Server Service is running in SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  4. Enabled TCP/IP in SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  5. Ensure the SQL database is configured to accept remote connections then restart the instance.
  6. Create an exception on the firewall for the SQL Server instance and port that is being used.

Invalid object name 'dbo.TEMPLATE'


When trying to use the Migrate app, the user is encountering the following error:

Error during database collection. Invalid object name 'dbo.TEMPLATE'.


The source selected in the Migrate App doesn't match the files being read by the tool.


Check the source and select the correct one.

Authentication has expired


When trying to use the Migrate app, the user is encountering the following error:

Authentication has expired, click OK to login again.


Authentication has expired and requires re-authentication to continue. 


Click 'OK' on screen and follow the prompts. You may need to restart FYI Migrate App and log back in. 

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