I'm working from home and have a problem logging in, accessing documents or working with documents

If you are working away from your usual computer, the following are checklists and solutions if you are having a problem logging into FYI, or if you cannot access documents in FYI.


I cannot log in

I get the message "No active user for ...".

Refer to "No active user for ..." when logging into FYI
Incorrect date/time or region settings are causing incorrect date format, errors when opening documents or cannot view clients/documents.

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I am automatically logged in as an incorrect Microsoft 365 Sign in

If you are being automatically logged in and do not get the option to Sign In, the Microsoft 365 Sign In and password may have been saved. That, is, at some point you or someone using that computer has selected to Stay signed in and has clicked Yes when they were given the following prompt.


To re-display the Sign In selection for the account to log in as: 

  1. Try logging in with a different browser (for example, Edge instead of Chrome). If a Sign in has not been saved for that browser, you should get the prompt to Sign In.
  2. Open up a private tab browser (incognito) to access FYI without the saved Sign in (the way this is called and how to do this is different according to the browser you are using).
  3. If you still do not get the Microsoft 365 Sign In, you will need to clear the password that has been saved for Microsoft 365 (microsoftodfficeonline.com) in the browser.

    Important note: You can do this for a specific website. There is no need to clear all your passwords.

    For example, the following is the Password setting in Chrome. From this you can click the vertical ellipsis icon and select Remove.

    For Chrome, refer to the Google help article for how to remove a saved password.

    Refer also to Why I am being logged in as a different user?

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I can log in but there are errors when I try to access anything or I cannot view any clients or documents

When you log in and try to open an email or a document in FYI, an error is displayed such as "Error loading Documents".


Or, the email or document does not open and when trying to Preview it, it displays the error "Could not find document".


Check 1
Check who you have logged in as.

  1. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner.

    The Settings menu displays.

    730 Standard User Settings.gif
  2. Check the email address that is displayed under your name.
    This may show a different email address to the one you use for work and will show, for example, if you are currently logged in to Microsoft 365 with your personal email.

  3. Log out from Microsoft 365. You can check this by going to www.office.com. This will show if you are already logged in.

  4. Close all browsers and log in to FYI again.

Check 2
If you are still being logged in with your personal email, it may, at some point, have been recorded in your User profile in FYI as an Email Alias.

  • If the user was created directly in FYI, contact your FYI Admin and have them remove your Email Alias from your User profile in FYI. Or contact the support team to request the Email Alias be removed from your User profile.

Check 3
If you cannot view any clients or documents, there may be an issue with the date/time setting or the regional settings on your computer. Refer to Incorrect date/time or region settings is causing incorrect date format, errors when opening documents or cannot view clients/documents.

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I need to log in as a different email address to my FYI login

You may need to log in to FYI with a different email address than the one you usually use. For example, you may want to stay logged in to Microsoft 365 as a personal sign-in, but still be able to use FYI without having to keep switching. 

You can do this by adding a link to the other email to your Xero Practice Manager login email address using the Magic Link. Refer to Logging into FYI with an Email Alias set up using Magic Link.

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The same Microsoft account is linked to both personal and business

This is rare. Please contact the FYI Support Team

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I have a problem using the Online version of Outlook

When using web Outlook, the only difference is where you access the FYI Add-in from. For information about how to use the Online version of Outlook, plus other information about setting up a computer for FYI, refer to How do I file emails from the online version of Outlook?

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I do not see the FYI icon in Office or Outlook

If you do not see the FYI Add-ins in your desktop Office of Outlook, for information on how to install these, refer to Adding FYI Add-ins as a User from within Office and Outlook.

For Outlook, refer also to Why does the FYI Drawer icon not appear in Outlook or is greyed out?

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I am seeing a "Pop-ups blocked" message

If you see the following "Pop-ups blocked" message, to clear this refer to Preparing your Browser for FYI.


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The FYI Add-in does not work in Outlook or Office online

In Outlook or Office online, if the FYI Add-in is not working, you may need to allow third-party cookies in your browser. Refer to FYI Add-in is not working in Office online. Browser settings are blocking third-party cookies.

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