Incorrect date/time or region settings is causing incorrect date format, errors when logging in, opening documents or cannot view clients/documents


If there is an incorrect date or regional setting the format of the date may appear in the incorrect format, for example, US format instead of AU format.

This can also cause an error, or you may not be able to view clients and documents.


This could cause one of the following. See below for the solution for each of these.

Error when logging in, using Drag and Drop, Import from FYI - My Imports, Edit, Preview, Download

When logging in, trying to import documents (using Drag and Drop or via your OneDrive folder FYI - My Imports), Opening a document or when using Edit, Preview or Download in FYI, an error message such as the following displays:

  • "We could not find a user for your email"
  • "No active user for ..."
  • "Failed to verify user identity, please log out and back into FYI before trying again"
  • "Failed to verify user identity, please check local system clock is correct before trying again."
  • "We encountered an error calling Foundry."
  • "Could not open this document."
  • "Failed to verify user identity."

This can be due to the date and time on your computer being incorrect due to a change over to daylight saving time. If there is an incorrect date or regional setting on the user's desktop this causes an error due to the integration with Microsoft 365 on the desktop to create, documents, which does a security check as to the user's authenticity.

Change the Date/Time setting on your computer as follows:

  1. In the bottom right of your primary monitor in Windows 10, right-click on where the date and time are displayed.
  2. Select Adjust date/time
  3. In the Settings - Date & time, set the option Set time automatically to "On".
  4. Set the option Set time zone automatically to "On".
  5. To set the computer to change the system clock for daylight saving time, checkmark
    Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes
  6. Close the Settings.
  7. Wait for a few minutes for the settings to take effect and you will see the computer time adjusts to the correct time.
  8. In FYI, log out and then log in again.

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Cannot view clients or documents

If you can log in, but then cannot view any clients or any documents in FYI, this can be caused by an incorrect date/time setting or incorrect regional settings. Change the Date/Time setting on your computer as in the solution above.

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Date in incorrect format when using Edit via Browser

When opening a document using Edit via Browser, for example, an Excel spreadsheet, you are seeing the date format incorrect (for example, as American format mm/dd/yyyy instead of dd/mm/yyyy). When editing via Excel desktop, the dates are in the required dd/mm/yyyy format.

This can be caused by the regional settings being incorrect on your OneDrive and/or your computer's settings.

Check the Time Zone and Region on your OneDrive.

  1. Log in to your OneDrive (onedrive.live.com)
  2. Click Settings (the cog icon at the top).
  3. Select OneDrive Settings.
  4. Go to More Settings.
  5. Select Regional Settings (under Region and Language)
  6. Set the Time Zone and Region to be the setting you require.

Check your computer's Clock and Region

  1. Display the computer's Control Panel (you can type Control Panel in the search)
  2. Select Clock and Region.
  3. Select Region.
  4. Set this to the format required (for example, "English (United Kingdom)" or English "Australia).
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Refresh FYI. Refer to Additions and changes made to FYI settings, practice settings, views, templates are missing or not showing.
  8. Reopen the document again to check the date format displays as required.

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