February 2024 Release Notes


Take a look at this month's new features, enhancements and resolutions. 



  • Further enhancements to the New Collaborate Status Check have been released. Where errors are identified, an error message will display with a link to a help article to resolve. Where the issue can be resolved by FYI, a "Fix" button will display and an alert added to Practice Activity
    • When a document is unable to be shared with the FYI Test User. 
    • When the Practice OneDrive User is not the owner of the Collaborate site. 
  • When synchronising Home Address and Business Address using the Practice Sync app for APS, practices can now map these fields. This will not impact your synchronisation as it currently performs, but will allow you to select your preferred address fields. Refer to Practice Sync Integration with APS (Australia and New Zealand).
    Note: If not selected, the Home and Business Addresses will default to APS' Postal and Business respectively. To use another field, for example, Registered Address, you will need to update the mapping.

  • Implementors Update: When migrating from Virtual Cabinet, if the category "Document Date" exists in the Virtual Cabinet database this document category will migrate to FYI. Refer to Implementors: Live Import.


  • New users syncing from Xero Practice Manager will now have their AutoFile Mode set as "Disabled".
  • After running a Bulk Update using "Select all", when immediately re-selecting the jobs the bulk update list will display the correct count. 
  • The "Update SharePoint Access" button has been removed from the Collaborate Status Check as it is no longer required.
  • For practices on the Elite Beta, the Refresh functionality has been extended to work with large data sets in Excel Reporting



  • We have introduced a New Collaborate User Status Check in the Sharing Settings window to automatically validate the user permissions. The coloured Status Check bar allows you to tell at a glance if there are any issues with a user's permissions, and expands to display more information. An alert will also be added to Practice Activity with more details. Refer to Checking your New Collaborate Status

  • The New Collaborate Status Check will now perform additional checks for user permissions, and where the below errors are identified, display a "Fix" button. An FYI Admin will be able to click the button, and New Collaborate will update Microsoft and SharePoint to automatically resolve the issue.
    • When a user has not been added to the client and upload folders on SharePoint.
    • When a user has not been added to the correct Microsoft Group in SharePoint.
    • When the user is not present in the Microsoft Entra/Azure user list.

  • When synchronising Tax Returns and Custom Fields with Xero Practice Manager and an error occurs due to XPM rate limiting, an alert will be added to Practice Activity. The sync will be retried if requests become available within one minute, otherwise a manual synchronisation will be required. Refer to Xero Practice Manager Rate Limiting and Practice Activity

  • When synchronising jobs with Xero Practice Manager, if there is a limited number of requests available due to XPM rate limiting, jobs older than 24 months will be skipped to conserve the available requests for higher priority synchronisations. Refer to Xero Practice Manager Rate Limiting and Practice Activity

  • We have reordered the fields on the Custom Process - Create Job step to a more logical order. The Client field has been moved to the top, followed by the Template, Job Name, and Job State. The remainder of the fields remain in their existing order. This change aligns with the order of fields when creating tasks and document process steps. Refer to Process Step Details - Updating Clients, Creating and Updating Jobs.

  • We have improved several error messages within the platform to provide more useful information when encountering an error:
  • We've added new field options for the Practice Sync app for APS in preparation for the ability to custom map the below fields. This will not impact your synchronisation as it currently performs, but will allow you to select your preferred fields when we release the update to the synchronisation in a future release. Refer to Practice Sync Integration with APS (Australia and New Zealand).
    • Home Address
    • Business Address

      Note: If not populated, the Home and Business Addresses will be selected automatically. To use another field, for example, Registered Address, you will need to update the mapping.
  • We have updated the confirmation message when enabling Workflow Jobs on the Pro plan to remind practices that once the feature has been enabled, it cannot be disabled. Refer to Enabling and Setting up Workflow Jobs


  • When using Practice Sync to integrate with APS, we have resolved an issue where the Registered address was synchronised to FYI instead of the Physical and Postal. 
  • For practices integrated with GreatSoft, when creating an email, the user's telephone number will now be populated in the email signature merge field.



  • For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, we've expanded Practice Activity to show entries when the following activities are performed. For more information, refer to Practice Activity.
    • When requesting a manual synchronisation from the Jobs or Clients workspaces.
    • When a Job has been edited and cannot synchronise to XPM, for example, selecting a Job State that doesn't exist in XPM.

  • Client and Job Custom Fields can now be synchronised from Xero Practice Manager using the Manual Synchronisation process, in addition to the Overnight synchronisation. Refer to Running a Manual Sync with Xero Practice Manager and Additional Notes on Syncing.
    Note: When updating a job, at least one standard Job field must be modified to manually synchronise Custom Fields.

  • When upgrading from Legacy Collaborate to New Collaborate, the OneDrive Admin will be verified to ensure they have the required Microsoft Permissions. 

    The OneDrive Admin will be prompted to accept the new permissions and continue with the upgrade. If the user is not the OneDrive Admin, they will need to log in with the OneDrive Admin account to update the permissions and continue with the upgrade. Refer to Set up and Create a New Collaborate Site


  • When changing a Job State, Custom Fields will synchronise and display correctly in both FYI and Xero Practice Manager.
  • When updating the Financial Year Start Date in Practice Settings, the cursor will no longer jump to a different field.
  • When integrated with MYOB using Practice Sync, we have resolved an issue when the "Use Milestone Status for Job State" setting was enabled and the end milestone was not identified correctly. Jobs synchronised to FYI should now display the correct Open/Closed Job State.
  • When synchronising using Practice Sync, Practice Activity will show a count of the clients skipped due to a missing name. This replaces an error in the Practice Sync Activity Log that would repeat for each Custom Field unable to be synchronised due to the missing client.
  • When integrated with APS using Practice Sync, we have improved the synchronisation of Matters.
  • We have improved the synchronisation of clients from MYOB using Practice Sync to match Jobs with the correct client and users.
  • When running the New Collaborate Status Check, users can now click "Fix" to reapply a missing Microsoft Group to the SharePoint site's Document Library.
  • When creating an email, the New Collaborate default email template will only be selected when there are attachments selected and the "Send Attachments" setting is set to "Collaborate" in the Email drawer or the Client Settings. If an email template has already been selected before adding attachments, the email template will not be overwritten.
  • When selecting multiple emails in a Documents List, clicking the Delete button will delete all selected emails.
  • We have corrected the grammar in the confirmation message after bulk-creating Time entries.



  • We have reverted changes to New Collaborate, and there is now a 15-minute lock after adding a user before the user can be removed to allow time for the user to be propagated on the Microsoft Tenant successfully. The X button to remove the user will be disabled, and when hovering over the button, a message will be displayed with the date and time the user can be removed. Refer to Removing Access to the Shared Folders.

  • Practice Activity now shows entries when changes have been made to OneDrive settings, or updates made by the New Collaborate Status Check, for example, fixing user permissions. Refer to Practice Activity.

  • We have updated the FYI Migrate and FYI Desktop apps as part of our transition to the domain fyi.app. Users may be prompted to upgrade the apps to install the latest version. Refer to FYI Desktop App and How to Use the FYI Migrate App.


  • When sharing documents using New Collaborate and adding an internal user as a recipient, an error message will be displayed "Internal Users can only access attachments sent via Collaborate from within FYI".
  • When using Collaborate (both Legacy and New Collaborate) to create client folders, invalid characters in the client name will not be used in the folder name, for example, a full stop or forward slash.
  • When filtering on Custom Fields with a "Text" type, you can use the Search at the top of the Filters to return relevant values.
  • When opening a draft email in FYI via the Doc Link, the contents of the draft email are now displayed in the preview window rather than the original email contents.
  • When previewing documents, we have resolved an issue when certain devices were unable to be authenticated and the preview would not be displayed.
  • We have resolved an issue when previewing an email where in specific circumstances the HTML code would not be converted correctly, and would instead display special characters in the preview window.
  • When using Practice Sync to integrate with APS, successful synchronisations will be displayed with the "Success" status instead of "Alert".
  • When using Practice Sync to integrate with CCH Central or MYOB, customers with special characters in the mobile number will synchronise to FYI.
  • When editing a Job State, the width of the selected Colour code has been reduced.
  • We have improved the error message displayed when creating a Task without a name.
  • When trialling FYI, company details can now be updated from the Account page. 

Beta Updates

  • For users of the Elite Beta, Workflow Jobs are now available, allowing users to create Billing and Workflow Jobs in addition to Standard Jobs. Refer to Workflow Jobs (Beta).



  • We have reordered the Job Drawer fields to a more logical order when creating and updating jobs. The Client field has been moved to the top, followed by the Template, Job Name, and Job State. The remainder of the fields remain in their existing order. This change also aligns the Job Drawer with the same process used for creating tasks and documents. Refer to Create Job in FYI and Using the Job Drawer.

  • We have improved the time taken to sync Custom Fields from CCH Central using Practice Sync. Refer to Practice Sync Integration with CCH Central (United Kingdom only).


  • When re-ordering the tabs on the Home Workspace using drag and drop, the order is retained even when navigating to a new page and back, or when logging out and back into FYI.
    Note: The tab order will be reset if the user logs out and back in as a different user, clears the browser history, or uses a different browser or Incognito/Private mode.
  • When updating Jobs using the Job Summary tab, changes are displayed immediately without needing to refresh the page or navigate away and back to the tab (available to users in a User Group with Edit Jobs permissions only).
  • When creating an Email using an Automation process, the {{ ClientName }} Merge Field will correctly add the Client Name to both the Email Name and within the email contents, regardless of the AutoFile settings. If the Merge Field is not added correctly, for example missing the final curly brackets, an error will be produced in the Process Activity, and the email will not be created.
  • When using FYI Practice Sync Desktop App to synchronise with CCH Central, a count will now be displayed in the Practice Sync log for the number of updated or deleted custom fields.
  • The Task List can now be filtered by the Assignee of "System".
  • We have updated FYI Desktop App to resolve an issue that when connected using a proxy the message "Check-in via web may be delayed" was displayed.

Beta Updates

For users on our Elite (Beta) plan, we have released the following enhancements:

For more information on the Elite Beta, refer to fyi.app/fyi-elite 

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