Job Rework & Review Processes

The following is an example of detailed Custom Processes designed to automatically create tasks to assist in the completion of the review and rework steps to complete client work.

These processes have been designed to allow the job to cycle through the Review and Rework stages as many times as required until complete.

This example consists of four Custom Processes:

  • Job – Review Process
  • Job – Rework Process
  • Job – Review Process - Final Review
  • Send for Signing

The Job – Review Process relies on a pre-existing Custom Process to initiate this process. For example, the Year End Compliance Job – Start to Finish process, tailoring this to remove all steps post review point and replacing with an Execute Process step to run the Job – Review Process automation.

Refer to Year End Compliance Job - Start to Finish or Year End Compliance Job Kick Off.

Also included in the Job – Review Process is an Execute Process step to run the remaining processes: Job – Rework Required, Job – Review Process – Final Review and Send for Signing.

Depending on the result of the first review of the job, the job state should be updated to the corresponding process for the required task to be deployed.

The processes are based on the following Job States:

Process Job State
Job - Rework Process Rework
Job - Review Process At Review
Job - Review Process - Final Review Final Review
Send for Signing Ready to Send

You will need to review your Job States and Custom Views to set these processes up as required.

Note: If you don’t have a final review process, i.e. partner/director sign-off, you can remove this process and just use the single review process.

This custom automation has been created by the FYI team, ready to be imported to use in your practice. To download our quick reference guide, click here (or download the file from the bottom of this article).

NEW Import -  Job Rework & Review.gif

Importing this Custom Automation

At the bottom of this article, you can download the files used to import the example Custom Process, ready for you to test and activate or customise to suit your practice.

Note: If you are using Chrome as your browser, the link may not automatically download the zip files. You need to right-click on the download link above, select Copy link address and paste it into a new browser tab in the browser's URL field.

When you have downloaded the files you can import the Custom Process. Refer to Importing Custom Processes and Importing Custom Processes using Drag and Drop.

Download Files

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