Testing Custom Processes

When setting up a Custom Process, it is very important to test it to ensure it is working as expected.

The Test option allows you to choose one specific item to run the process on. The selection displays according to what has been set as the Filter for the process and you are prompted to select one specific client, job or document to run the process on.

The Test then runs in the same way as when the process is run and produces any emails, documents, tasks, comments, or any other changes that the process is intended to make.

You can use the Test option for a Scheduled or a Manual process. You can also test a Custom Process that still has the Status set as "Draft".

Testing a Manual Custom Process

The Test is run by opening the Process from Automation - Processes.  

  1. From Automation - Processes, edit the relevant Custom Process.
  2. Click the Test button.
  3. The Select Test pop-up displays.

    This shows a list of the Clients, Documents or Jobs that are filtered as relevant for however the Filter has been set up in the process.

    The following example is running a test for a Custom Process that has a Filter set for clients who have "Bookkeeping - Quarterly" set in the Custom Field "Service".

    The following example is running a test where the Filter is set up for a Document View.


    You can also use the Search at the top to locate what to run the test for.
    You can switch Ignore Process Filter to "Yes" to display all Clients, Documents, Jobs or Tasks as relevant, not only those picked up by the selected Filter.

  4. From the Select Test, select a Client/Document/Job to run the test for.

  5. Click Run Test.

Testing a Scheduled Custom Process

You can test a Scheduled Custom Process in the same way. This runs the process immediately.

Once you have initially tested a Scheduled Custom Process, always make sure you also check when it has run automatically according to when it has been scheduled to run.

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