How does FYI manage encrypted emails?


How does FYI manage encrypted emails with regards to saving, filing and viewing the emails?


Outlook offers the ability to encrypt email messages, meaning that it's converted into scrambled text. Only the recipient who has the private key matching the public key used to encrypt the message can decipher it. For more information on this refer to the Microsoft 365 support article Encrypt email messages.

FYI does not contain the keys to decrypt the email, and for security reasons, in most cases shouldn't have those keys.

This means the email will not be processed by the autofile service. FYI saves a placeholder email in FYI, and when you try to preview the email in FYI, the content won't be displayed. Instead, the content is added as an attachment.

However, as encryption types differ, there is no guarantee the contents will make it through the API and into FYI.

FYI has tested this process using an S/MIME email. Users can manually file the emails, and then as long as they have the appropriate keys to decrypt the email, they can export the email and open it inside their local Outlook application.

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