A user's name does not display as an option in the Outlook Add-in


A user's name does not display in a field such as Owner or Assignee in the FYI for Outlook add-in.

The user is available in the dropdown list when using the add-in with Outlook Online (https://outlook.office.com/) but does not appear in the Outlook desktop version.


The desktop version of Outlook may not meet minimum requirements, or security settings in Internet Explorer are preventing the add-in from functioning correctly.

If Edge WebView2 is installed on the machine, it may not be rending the Outlook add-in as Internet Explorer is still loading it which can be seen in Task Manager under the 'Details' tab. 


Ensure the minimum requirements are met as outlined in the following articles:

Determine whether the version of Outlook uses Internet Explorer or Edge WebView2 to render add-ins:

Note: The "Owner" field is only available for practices on the Intermediate plan or above. 

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