A user's name does not display as an option in the Outlook Add-in


A user's name does not display in a field such as Owner or Assignee in the FYI for Outlook add-in.

The user is available in the dropdown list when using the add-in with Outlook Online (https://outlook.office.com/) but does not appear in the Outlook desktop version.


The desktop version of Outlook may not meet minimum requirements, or Microsoft Edge and Edge WebView2 is not installed on the machine.


Ensure the minimum requirements are met as outlined in the following articles:

Determine whether the version of Outlook uses Internet Explorer or Edge WebView2 to render add-ins:

Note: The "Owner" field is only available for practices on the Intermediate plan or above. 

FYI ended support for Internet Explorer 11 on 30 November 2023. For more information refer to Announcing the End of Life for Internet Explorer 11 (Action required by 30.11.2023). .


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