July 2022: What's New and Improved



This month we released a feature to allow practices to export Automations, making sharing with each other that much simpler! 

Automations and their associated document and email templates can now be exported out of FYI. The Export creates a .zip file that can then be imported into FYI, for example, for use by another practice. 

Refer to Exporting Automation Processes. 


Here are a couple of enhancements now available in FYI: 

Enhancements to Jobs 

  • Editing Job details is now available from within Job - Summary, where users with Edit Jobs permissions can update the details relating to a specific Job. Multiple fields can be updated at the same time and all changes are tracked and visible in the Activity tab. Refer to Job Summary. 


  • In the Create Job and Update Job steps in an Automation, you can include a Merge Fields for Client Name. This will append the relative Client Name to the Job Name.
    Refer to Adding Client Name as a Merge Field to the Job Name in Process Step Details - Updating Clients, Creating and Updating Jobs.

  • Additionally for Job related automations, the Create Job step allows you to use details of the Job to create Jobs. Apart from Start and Due Date, this can be set for all or any of the fields in the newly created Job. An example where this could be used is to add a Create Job step at the end of your Automation for Compliance, and when the current Job is set to Completed, a new Job is automatically created for the next financial year.
    Refer to Create Jobs using Values from the Trigger Job(s) in Process Step Details - Updating Clients, Creating and Updating Jobs.

Enhancements to Learn and Sample Content

  • A new section is now available in Learn. This separates out courses for New Users and those courses to Learn how to use FYI like a pro. Refer to Learn. 


  • We recommend getting hands-on with FYI as soon as possible prior to going live and Sample Clients are available for users to practice their skills. When enabling Sample Clients, a Sample cabinet will also be created for users to file all emails and documents to. Sample Content can be disabled at any time which hides the Sample Clients and the Sample Cabinet.
    Refer to Managing Sample Content.

Enhancements to Security 

  • Where Client Security is enabled for a client, all activity for that client in the Automation History tab is only visible for users who have access to the Client. Refer to Automation History and Client Security. 

  • The My Settings - Security tab now includes the user who made the change to a user's settings. Where an FYI Admin changed a user's settings, this shows the name of the FYI Admin user. Refer to Individual Settings and Status. 

Sneak Peek of New Lists

Here's a sneak peek of our upcoming New Lists feature, which is currently in Beta. This example powers up the Jobs list, by grouping Jobs by State and Manager to quickly visualise Jobs that are blocked or at risk. 


For further details on the features mentioned above and more, refer to July 2022 Release Notes.   

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