June 2022: What's New and Improved



This month we delivered our latest Product Update, introducing some exciting new features and doing a deep dive into our game-changing feature, Workflow Jobs. Over 60 minutes we showcased what’s new with Automations, Lists and Integrations, and revealed what’s on our roadmap. If you missed it, the recording and recap can be found here.

Here are a couple of enhancements now available in FYI:

  • Our latest course in Learn has been released - Collaborating on Documents. This course is designed for users to learn how to use co-edit and share documents and folders to collaborate effectively with your team and clients. Refer to FYI Learn.
    There is also a quick reference guide for FYI Admins, to set up Collaborate for your practice.

  • The Client - Custom Fields and Job - Custom Fields now allows multiple Custom Fields to be updated at the same time. Simply click Edit Custom Fields in the Custom Fields tab to open for editing, and update any of the Custom Fields as required. Click Save and all changes will be saved at the same time.


  • The GST Return Job process automation is ready for you to import, test and activate for your practice. This custom process is designed to automatically create GST workpapers and assign a series of tasks to support GST processing requirements for your clients.
    Refer to GST Return Job.

  • The Copy Doc Link tool is now available when the drawer is displayed for a document or email in FYI or Outlook. You can click the Copy Doc Link icon to create a hyperlink to that FYI document and paste the link into a Word or Excel document or Task within FYI. When accessed, the link will open the document as a Preview.

Other recent highlights include:

  • Both single and multiple Custom Processes can now be imported by dragging and dropping the import files onto the Automation - Processes List View. Explore our Automations Library and download the Import Files you require. Drag and drop the files into the List View, customise to suit your practice, test and activate.

  • For New Zealand sites, there is now additional data in the tax summary for New Zealand tax returns. This now includes Return Codes for the Return Type column.

  • The Alter Document step is useful when using a Document view to retrieve a collection of documents, you can then use Alter Document to update any key fields. The status in Filing can now be set to Archived or Delete, and the documents will be included in the Documents Archived view or Deleted view respectively.
    Refer to Process Step Details - Alter Document.

  • For practices integrated with GreatSoft, Jobs are now allocated a Job State according to the Allow Time/Expense Capture indicator in GreatSoft.
    • If Allow Time/Expense Capture is ticked in GreatSoft and there is no Closed Date, the Job in FYI is set with the Job State as "In Progress".
    • If Allow Time/Expense Capture is unticked in GreatSoft and there is no Closed Date, the Job in FYI is set with the Job State as "Planned".
      Refer to Jobs States in Synchronising Clients, Users, Jobs and Tax Returns with GreatSoft.

Enhancements to Document Signing Integrations

  • When sending a document for Signature via Adobe Sign, you can now change the order of the Recipients. Select Complete in any order, to set it to "Off", then drag and drop the Recipients to set the order in which the emails are sent. They are then sent in the order in which they are shown in the list of Recipients in Send for Signature. 
    Refer to Digital Signatures using Adobe Sign.

  • The FuseSign Integration now uses two-way application. Once oAuth is connected, you can click Reveal Secret Key to show the Access Key Secret used in FuseSign to connect to FYI.
    Refer to Integration with FuseSign. Sites that have already connected the FuseSign FYI app do not need to reconnect.

  • When a signed document is imported from FuseSign into FYI, it is now amended to have "Signed" at the end of the document name.
    Refer to Digital Signatures using FuseSign.

We are now at beta for New Lists, Capacity Planning, Microsoft Teams & Zapier Integrations. If you are interested in joining a beta, please contact our Support team

For further details on the features mentioned above and more, refer to June 2022 Release Notes.

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