July 2022 Release Notes



  • When a user selects a Job from the Job drop-down in the Group Workspace, changes to the Custom Fields are now correctly saved for the Job.
  • In the Documents list, when clicking the Job Link, this now correctly opens the Job workspace.
  • When syncing from a practice management software, this now correctly syncs a large postcode.
  • On Documents, Tasks and Jobs lists, where there is no client for the Document, Task or Job, "No Client" is now shown as text not as a hyperlink.



  • When selecting a Start or Due Date when creating or editing a Job, the date picker now displays correctly.
  • The State now displays correctly on the Job Summary, for an archived Job.
  • When sharing the Share Folder with the Client, the ‘Give user access’ drop-down correctly displays the names of any Contacts in the drop-down.
  • When adding Merge Fields to an email Template from the Xero Tax group, this now displays the options in the Show Advanced.
  • Correction to an error "Oh no, an error has occurred" when accessing the Automation Process Tax Assessments AutoFile (Agreed & Not Postal).
  • The FYI Add-in in Outlook now correctly lists all the Email Templates, including older Templates.
  • Tasks that are created for signed tax returns from a Custom Process are now being created with the correct user assigned.
  • Newly created Custom Fields in XPM are now synced to FYI successfully.
  • When a Custom Field, Partner or Manager is blanked out for a Client or Job, this now shows in the Activity tab.



  • In the Job - Summary, the way to edit the Job information has changed. At the top of the Job Details section, the Edit Job icon is included. For an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Client, any of the values that can be changed are available for editing. For a user without permissions to edit Jobs, only the State can be changed and, if your practice has Job Cabinet Security enabled in your Practice Settings, the Cabinet can be changed.
    Make changes to one or more value and then click Save at the bottom of the screen.
    Refer to Job Summary.

  • In Custom Processes, the Create Job step now allows Jobs to be created using values of the Job that triggered the process. Apart from Start and Due Date, this can be set for all or any of the fields in the newly created Job. This is a useful way to set up Jobs, for example, when creating Jobs at the end of the financial year for Job rollover. Refer to Create Jobs using Values from the Trigger Job(s) in Process Step Details - Updating Clients, Creating and Updating Jobs.

  • In FYI Learn, there is a new section for the courses Learn to Use FYI like a Pro. This currently includes the course Collaborating on Documents. Refer to FYI Learn.

  • For new practices, if your practice enables Sample Content, this will additionally create a Sample Cabinet. Refer to Managing Sample Content.


  • Custom Fields can now be updated when using the Clients Bulk Update.
  • Correction to an error that was displayed when more than one user opened the FYI Desktop App on a shared environment. This correction allows more than one user can to have the FYI Desktop App at the same time.
  • When previewing an email when “Preview with OneDrive” is turned off, the email is now showing the correct received or sent time using your local time.
  • An Automation Process which includes the Execute Step with the option Apply New Process Filter disabled and a Delay step, now correctly applies the Delay.
  • Correction to an error where duplicate jobs were displayed if more than one Assigned user was added as a filter in the Assigned column and where both users are set as Assigned users for the job. 
  • Correction to an an error showing as "Oh no, we had a problem creating your document" when creating a spreadsheet document with a template using Merge Fields.



  • Automation Processes and their associated document and email templates can be exported out of FYI. The Export creates a .zip file for each process that is exported that can then be imported in FYI, for example, for use by another practice. Refer to Exporting Automation Processes.


  • In the Create Job and Update Job steps in a Custom Process, you can use the Merge Field for "Client Name" to add the relative Client Name to the Job Name. This is added by typing the Merge Field as {{ ClientName }} into the Name field in the step.
    Refer to Adding Client Name as a Merge Field to the Job Name and
    Adding Client Name as a Merge Field to the Job Name in Process Step Details - Updating Clients, Creating and Updating Jobs.

  • If Client Security is enabled for a Client, all activity for that Client in the Automation History tab (for any Automation Processes or a Bulk Update via an Automation Process) is only visible for users who have access to the Client. Refer to Automation History and Client Security.

  • The My Settings - Security tab now includes the user who made the change to a user's settings. Where an FYI Admin changed a user's settings, this shows the name of the FYI Admin user. Refer to Individual Settings and Status.


  • The correct action Menu is now displayed when a document is previewed from a Task, from a Documents list or from the Automation History.

  • When updating a Job from the Job - Summary tab or Job drawer, an error now displays if the Due Date is entered as earlier than the Start Date.



  • Converting a Word document to PDF via an email attachment no longer changes the fonts used in the document.
  • Time for Workflow Jobs can now be submitted to Xero Practice Manager in bulk with the Submit Drafts button.
  • A .csv file can now be imported correctly to the Email AutoFile Exclusions.
  • When filing attachments for an email using File All or Select and File, the Job from the original email is now correctly set in the filing for the attachments.
  • Bulk Update of Documents no longer allows a document to be deleted or archived if it is currently checked out for Co-edit or Co-edit with Client.
  • The active Templates now display correctly in the Template drop-down in the FYI drawer when creating an email from Outlook.
  • Dragging and dropping a document to the Templates in Knowledge now correctly uploads the document as a Template.


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