Product Update (June 2022)



This 60-minute webinar introduces some exciting new features, provides a deep dive into Workflow Jobs and we’ve lifted the lid on our product roadmap - to give you a look into some of the exciting new features on the horizon.

You can watch the full 60-minute recording here.


For those short on time, here is a quick recap.


New practice styling 

We understand that each practice has preferred font and formatting and the importance of ensuring this is consistent across your client communications. Practice styling allows you to set consistent styling across emails, file notes, meeting records and phone calls at a practice level.


What's new in automations

AutoComplete tasks is now available for your automations, saving you even more time. This automation feature will see tasks autocomplete once the chosen condition is met. We explore how to use this feature in conjunction with our Onboarding New Client sample automation available from our Automations Library - where the second step is to follow up the client for the ‘new client form’. An autocomplete task can be added at this step for the client start date custom field. This would mean that once a date is entered into this field, the task would autocomplete.

Our library of automations continues to grow and we're excited to present six more automations now available for your practice. Firstly, the GST Return automation will create a GST workpaper and guide your team through a series of tasks to complete GST jobs. In addition, the summary notification automations are ready for you to import straight into your platform. These automations include sending notifications for team members when documents are pending approvals, or when clients have uploaded documents and when tasks or jobs are overdue. Let FYI do the heavy lifting and notify you at the right time.

And while we love sharing sample automations with you, it is fantastic to see ideas being shared in our Facebook Community around automations. The Export feature will allow you to share automations, rather than just screenshots. 


New Lists

New lists powers up your lists in FYI. Starting with jobs, new lists will transform the on-screen insights you have for key job information. New lists will continue to be developed, and we are excited to get started with drag and drop grouping by columns, aggregates for value columns, rich column filtering and sizing and more! Documents Lists will follow soon after and you will be able to enjoy the powerful new list functionality throughout the FYI platform. This will give you more insights on screen and will lead into the powerful reporting feature on our roadmap.


New PDF integration

We are excited to announce a new integration with PDFit, an online PDF management and collation software, allowing you to edit PDFs in the cloud rather than desktop. Available to Australia and New Zealand practices, PDFit offers a simple, online PDF management and collation solution.


Deep dive into Workflow Jobs

Our newest feature, Workflow Jobs, revolutionises how practices using an annual billing job set up in Xero Practice Manager (XPM), monitor and track their XPM Tasks in FYI.

First, we set the scene to determine if Workflow Jobs is right for your practice. Then we take a deep dive into how to get ready to enable Workflow Jobs for your practice, how your team will use Workflow Jobs and the key differences they should be aware of.

We also provide the best practice steps to help get you up and running with Workflow Jobs and give you the transparency to XPM Tasks that you haven't had before.


On the roadmap

Reporting will leverage the New Lists functionality as the gateway to provide sophisticated reporting for your practice. This will kick off with exporting the new list insights to excel along with the ability to include this feature from within automations. Capacity Planning will use the insights from FYI to predict potential bottlenecks between planned work and the capacity of team members.

Watch this space with Collaborate 2.0. We have been working with Microsoft to improve the security around our Collaborate features, in particular ensuring emails sent with secure links sent via OneDrive are not blocked or treated as spam. 

We understand that the best way to learn is for your teams to get hands-on the keyboard. To complement our Learn courses, we will be releasing a 'Prework for new users’ automation which can be run in your FYI platform. This automation will create a series of emails, tasks and interactive exercises for your team members to complete when they join your practice or you go live with FYI. Using Sample Clients, your team can safely practice their new skills, ensuring the integrity of your client information is maintained.

As a side note, two additional Learn courses have been released for your team to get more out of FYI - ‘Managing Templates & Stationery’ and ‘Collaborating on Documents’.

Coming soon is Client Maintenance, which will give you the ability to create and maintain key client and contact information within FYI. We recognise the need to reduce moving between FYI and XPM platforms, with all client information synchronising back to your practice management software. 

We also have two new integrations on our roadmap to announce! Firstly, the much sought-after Microsoft Teams integration - a fantastic alternative to email notifications. This integration allows your team to receive notifications for tasks they are assigned to, when a task you have delegated has been completed and when you are tagged in a comment. You simply click the link for the task or comment to open directly in FYI.

And secondly Zapier, which gives you access to over 2000 cloud apps which can be used to update your client data or create documents, tasks and more directly with FYI. This integration removes the need to rekey data and really opens the door to significant efficiencies for the modern accounting practice.


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