June 2022 Release Notes



Note: Partner and Manager can now only be updated using Client Bulk Update and cannot now be updated from the Client - Summary tab. Refer to Clients Bulk Update.


  • The Alter Document step in a Custom Process now allows:
    • This step can now be used to set status in Filing to "Archived" to archive documents.
    • This step can be used to delete documents by selecting the status in Filing to "Delete".
    • Refer to Process Step Details - Alter Document.

  • Bulk Export to a designated Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 directory, which is available on demand, can now be used to export the documents for a selected Client. Refer to Bulk Export.

  • For practices integrated with GreatSoft, Jobs are now allocated a Job State according to the Allow Time/Expense Capture indicator in GreatSoft.
    • If Allow Time/Expense Capture is ticked in GreatSoft and there is no Closed Date, the Job in FYI is set with the Job State as "In Progress".
    • If Allow Time/Expense Capture is unticked in GreatSoft and there is no Closed Date, the Job in FYI is set with the Job State as "Planned".
    • Refer to Jobs States in Synchronising Clients, Users, Jobs and Tax Returns with GreatSoft.

  • As part of the set up for a trial account, this now adds as default the Job States "Planned", "On Hold", "In Progress", "Completed" and "Cancelled". Refer to Job States.


  • On the Practice - Activity tab, for a Clients Bulk Update, when the drawer or the item is displayed and Go to Automation History is clicked, this now correctly displays the Automation History tab with the details of the Bulk Update.
  • For migration from Virtual Cabinet, correction to an issue where documents were excluded. These are now migrated using the file location based on known information instead of the data stored in the database.
  • Correction in Automation Processes where new Clients were initially showing an error “select “users”:”from…” and then the error was cleared.
  • The User Groups list now displays Permissions in alphabetic order.
  • When using Staple or Thread from the Job or Client workspace this now correctly opens the Staple or Thread views.
  • Correction to an error when filing emails from Outlook if the Cabinet that was assigned as the Practice Defaults was deleted.



  • The Client - Custom Fields and Job - Custom Fields now allows multiple Custom Fields to be edited at the same time. Clicking Edit Custom Fields in the Custom Fields tab opens the Custom Fields tab for editing so that any of the Custom Fields can be changed. Clicking Save saves all of the changes at the same time. Refer to Client Custom Fields, Job Custom Fields and Custom User Roles.

  • Both single and multiple Custom Processes can now be imported by dragging and dropping the import files on to the Automation - Processes List View. Refer to Importing Custom Processes using Drag and Drop.

  • When a signed document is imported from FuseSign into FYI, it is now amended to have "Signed" at the end of the document name. Refer to Digital Signatures using FuseSign.


  • Correction to the display of Automation Processes in the Grid View when a description is added with a URL or with continuous text.
  • For GreatSoft sites, Job Custom Fields (from GreatSoft Tasks) are now correctly syncing to FYI every 10 minutes.



  • Additional Learn course released - Collaborating on Documents for standard users. This covers how to use co-edit and share documents and folders to collaborate effectively with your team and clients. Refer to FYI Learn.


  • Addition of the Copy Doc Link tool in the documents drawer. When the drawer is displayed for a document or email, you can click the Copy Doc Link to create a Doc Link. The Copy Doc Link in the drawer copies the link so the document or email is opened as a Preview. Refer to Copying, or Inserting, and Opening a Document Link.

  • For New Zealand sites, there is now additional data in the tax summary for New Zealand tax returns. This now includes Return Codes for the Return Type column.


  • The Export CSV function on Documents lists is now working correctly.
  • Correction to an issue on the Jobs Board where a user would occasionally have to select the view more than once for it to be applied.
  • In the Knowledge list, when filtering the list on Type, the Add/Remove pop-up now includes only Types that are relevant for Templates.
  • In an Automation Process that includes a Create Job step, this is now using the Run Once Per Job option in the Filter correctly.
  • Correction to an error where the Primary Job indicator was being removed after a sync.
  • Correction to an issue where the Clients list was displaying a phone number for a client that did not have a phone number against it.
  • When importing an Automation Process that includes a Create Job step, if the client is blank this now shows a message “Client is Required“ in the imported process.



  • When sending a document for Signature via Adobe Sign, and when more than one Recipient has been selected, you can now change the order of the Recipients.
    Clicking Complete in any order, to set it to "Off", then allows you to drag and drop Recipients to set the order in which the emails are sent. They are then sent in the order in which they are shown in the list of Recipients in Send for Signature. Refer to Digital Signatures using Adobe Sign.

  • The FuseSign Integration now uses two-way application. Once oAuth is connected, you can click Reveal Secret Key to show the Access Key Secret used in FuseSign to connect to FYI. Refer to Integration with FuseSign. Sites that have already connected the FuseSign FYI app do not need to reconnect.

  • For Implementors, in the Refile function, you can now use this to set the documents in the selected criteria to be filed without a client selected by clicking Clear Client in the Refile options to enable this. When the documents are refiled, they are filed as "No Client". Refer to Implementors: Refile Documents.


  • In the User Groups - Permissions tab, the Permissions are now sorted in alphabetical order.
  • The Activity section in the Job drawer now reflects the same activity as that shown in the Job - Activity tab in the Job workspace.
  • When a Client View Filter that includes ‘Business Structure’ as a filter is used in an Automation Process, this now correct processes when using the Run or Test function and, when run, shows the correct count of the number of clients.
  • Correction to the FYI Migration app to remove null bytes from the document name to allow those documents to import.
  • When Workflow Jobs are not enabled, the Job Summary now shows the Type as Standard and the Billing Job icon is no longer displayed.
  • In Automation Processes when using the Test function, and when the Ignore Process Filter is set to "Yes", this now correctly displays all Clients, Documents, Jobs or Tasks as relevant, not only those picked up by the selected Filter.
  • Correction to an issue in Automation Processes where, when Task AutoComplete was set for a Date Custom Field against a Job filter, and the process was set to autocomplete the Task when the Conditions were set as "Is known" or "Past", the Task no longer autocompletes if the Custom Field for the Job did not have a date set.
  • When Excel documents sent via email are set to PDF, they are now correctly converted to PDF when using email sharing and in custom automation process.
  • Correction to an error that displayed "Could not find attachment to save. Request failed with status code 500" when filing an email attachment from Outlook where the PDF was scanned with ATP.
  • Correction to an error "Installation has failed" when users with a redirected start menu with no write access were installing the FYI Desktop App.
  • When using Bulk Update to update the Client Custom Field for  large number of clients, the updates are now synced to Xero Practice Manager successfully.


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