Using FYI in MYOB Workpapers (Australia & New Zealand Only)

Practices using FYI with MYOB practice management, will often also use MYOB Workpapers. For these practices, you can add links to documents in FYI to the relevant client's workpaper pack.

Adding links to FYI documents to MYOB Workpapers

  1. Copy a link to each FYI document in turn. Refer to Using the Doc Link Tool in Copying, or Inserting, and Opening a Document Link.
  2. In MYOB, add the link to the relevant Workpaper. For information on this, refer to the MYOB help article Linking to documents or web pages in workpapers.

Adding a Link to an MYOB Workpapers to an FYI document

You can also attach MYOB Workpapers to FYI documents using the Web Link feature in FYI. Refer to Creating a Web Link.


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