"Cannot have multiple recipients with the same email address" when sending a document pack via FuseSign

When sending a document pack with multiple signing sections via FuseSign, and sending it to recipients who have the same email address the following error is displayed

"Cannot have multiple recipients with the same email address".

This has been identified as requiring a fix and has been escalated to engineering.

As a workaround, in FYI add a "dummy" recipient to the document that is sent for signing. It is recommended to use an internal email and not a client email to avoid confusion.  You can then update this internal email to the correct email within FuseSign.

Note: This workaround requires you to manually update the second signer in FuseSign. If left as the original recipient the signing pack will be sent to the email nominated in FYI.

The steps for this are as follows:

  1. Select the document for signature in FYI .
  2. Add the second recipient as an internal email, for example, your own email address.
  3. Send the document for signing.
  4. In FuseSign, update the second contact to be the required email address and name.


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