Why does FYI require Microsoft 365 including Office desktop apps?

Why do we need Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is critical as it enables the automatic filing of emails, which is a huge time saver for users. Also, the deep integration of FYI with Office allows users to work seamlessly on the desktop despite using a cloud document management platform.

Why do we need the desktop versions of Office and why the latest version?

The FYI Add-ins enable the key features of FYI to be available in Microsoft 365 Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Due to the compatibility, and in order to leverage the full features of the FYI app, the FYI Add-ins require the latest desktop versions of Outlook and Office.

Can we use only the online versions of Outlook and Office?

FYI can be used solely via the Office web-based applications. There are feature gaps between the online versions of Office products and the respective desktop versions which may make using the Office products more difficult. But this is ultimately the decision of your practice.

For feature availability in the online versions, refer to the following Microsoft article Office for the web service description

Why do we need OneDrive for Collaborate?

OneDrive is a natural extension of the edit document feature that FYI uses and allows Co-editing of documents with individual users. It also allows for the capacity to share folders and for clients to easily upload documents to FYI.

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