How do I migrate data from a practice that is splitting from one database into two FYI accounts?

If you need to migrate data from a practice that is splitting from one database into two FYI accounts, you can request to use a feature in FYI to only migrate files that match an active client in FYI. 

By using this feature:

  • Documents will only migrate where an exact match to an active client in FYI is found.
  • Unmatched clients will not be created as part of the migration process.

We recommend first speaking to our Client Success Team who will assist further with this process.

Activating the Option to only migrate files for Active Clients 

In order to activate this option, ensure the "Match to active clients only" toggle is turned on in the Onboarding Wizard before starting the FYI Migrate App.  Refer to Onboarding Wizard.

Once documents have migrated

Unmatched clients
Unmatched clients would not be generated in FYI.

Archived clients
When the documents have been migrated:

  1. Archive any clients that were unarchived for the migration in your practice management software. 
  2. Run the sync in FYI to archive these clients in FYI.

    The client is then archived in FYI and the documents are now held against the archived client in FYI.

This option will result in only the correct documents migrating into the correct FYI and will treat any archived clients from MYOB as archived.

Note: It will only bring across documents that match to a client and if a client is unable to be matched then they will not import into FYI.


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