With a four-digit client code, is there an issue if a client code happens to be a number that is used when matching the year of documents?

In the very rare scenario that you have four-digit Client Codes and, for some clients, these are the same number as certain years (such as 2019, 2020, 2021) there may be an issue matching these clients during migration.

This will only be an issue if the FYI Migrate App is unable to exactly match on the Client Name and where the Client Code of another client happens to be a year that the migration would look for when matching on year (currently a number between 1999 and 2030). If the relevant year is in the migration source path, the Migrate App performs a match on that level in the source path. If this matches to a Client Code this results in the client's documents being matched to an incorrect client.

For example, there is a client that does not match on the Client Name but has documents in the year 2019. There is another client with the Client Code of 2019.  The documents for the client that could not be matched on the Name will match with the client that holds the Client Code of 2019. If this situation should occur, the documents can be refiled to the correct client using Bulk Update.

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