''An error occurred connecting your account'' when logging into FYI

My email address has changed in the practice management software. In trying to link these up, I used the Magic Link to set up an alias, but I entered the old email address (the one that is inactive in the practice management software). When I try to log in to FYI with this email address I get an error ''An error occurred connecting your account''.

You may have needed to change your email address in your practice management software due to a change in domain name, or if an email address needed to be changed for some other reason.

When the email address was changed in your practice management software, the Magic Link should not have been used in this instance. The correct method should have been:

  1. Change the email address in your practice management software.
  2. Then an FYI Admin needs to run a manual sync to bring the new email address into FYI.
    Refer to How do I change the email address associated with an FYI user?

    Note: This will only update the email address where it has been updated in your practice management software. If a new user has been created and the old user deleted in your practice management software, this will not update the user record in FYI.

When you set up the Magic Link, this was set up for the incorrect email address. This incorrect email address is now held in FYI both as the user's email and as the Email Alias for that user.

The correction will need to be made by FYI support. Please contact the FYI Support Team

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