Error "Sorry we couldn't find 'https://...." or "Can't Open File" when opening documents for Edit in Desktop and for OneDrive Syncing


When opening a document in FYI to edit it, there is a long delay in opening the file or an error similar to the following displays:

  • Sorry, we couldn't find'"https://...'. Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted?1344_OneDrive_Error.gif
  • "Can't Open File. Sorry we couldn't open (filename)" (typically displayed on Mac OSX)


This could be caused by one of the following. See below for the solution for each of these.

The OneDrive app is not syncing with Microsoft services

If the file is available online but has not synced to the computer, the error will appear when attempting to open the document:

  • Right-click the FYI - My Edits folder in Windows Explorer then select "View Online".
  • If the file is shown here but has not synced to the computer, there may be a communication issue between the OneDrive application and Microsoft's server.
  • The issue should be logged with your IT team to investigate why the OneDrive app is not syncing with OneDrive Online, a ticket with Microsoft may be required.
  • As a temporary workaround, pausing/unpausing the OneDrive app will force a sync to occur.

You are not running the Latest Version of Office 365

This error can be caused if you are not running the latest version of Office 365.

In the Office product, select File - Account and check that the version you have is the latest version listed by Microsoft.

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Your OneDrive is often or permanently syncing

This error can be caused if your OneDrive is often or permanently syncing. When opening documents via OneDrive, if you are syncing a very large number of documents, or if the document file sizes are large, it may be that OneDrive is still synchronising.

This is an issue that we're very much aware of. We will keep investigating and will keep you informed of any further updates.


While we are still diagnosing the cause, there is a workaround that any of your users can apply easily and immediately:

  1. In the Windows taskbar notification area (in the bottom right-hand corner), click the white or blue OneDrive icon (the cloud).
    Note: You might need to click the Show hidden icons arrow next to the notification area to see the OneDrive icon.


  2. Click Help & Settings and select Settings.

  3. In the Microsoft OneDrive settings, select the Office tab.
    Note: If you do not see the Office tab, and you are using Office with a work or school account, the setting might be controlled by your IT administrator.

  4. Click OK to save the setting.


  • If you turn off this setting, Office will no longer be able to automatically merge changes from an online copy of the document being made at the same time.
  • You will also be prompted to upload a new copy of a file before you can share it directly from an Office desktop app.
  • The standard FYI Edit and Stop Edit features will continue to work normally with this option deselected.

Refer also to the Microsoft help article Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open.

If the issue is still occurring
Try closing OneDrive and reopening it.

  1. Close your OneDrive by selecting the OneDrive icon in the Windows taskbar notification area (in the bottom right-hand corner).
  2. Click Help & Settings and select Close OneDrive.
  3. Reopen OneDrive by searching for "OneDrive" in the Windows search.
  4. Then select and reopen the OneDrive app by clicking it.
  5. Try editing a document again.

If the problem remains:

  1. Open Excel on the desktop as Excel is the likely cause (you may need to check this in Word or PowerPoint).
  2. In File - Open, check for any files in that application that are showing as Files Needing Attention.
    Refer to the Microsoft article Files Needing Attention FAQ
  3. From Files Needing Attention, you can open the file and re-save it, or, you can discard the changes completely.
  4. Try editing a document again.

If the problem still occurs, please contact the FYI Support Team.

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Issue is with an Excel Spreadsheet with linked cells, macros and buttons or links to specific worksheets

When working with Excel spreadsheets via the cloud, the following features are not available. This is a limitation of Microsoft Office.

  • Linked cells between spreadsheets.
  • Certain features, such as macros and buttons.
  • Creating links to specific worksheets in a spreadsheet

If you do not need to cross-link between spreadsheets, deleting the linked value will resolve the error.

Putting an Excel spreadsheet into Co-edit gives you access to these features. Refer to Co-editing Excel Spreadsheets with Linked Cells, Macros and other Controls, or Links to specific Worksheets.

If the link is required but the referenced value does not need to be automatically updated, as a troubleshooting method you can change the startup settings of the workbook to ignore the link.

  1. In the Excel workbook that holds the link, click on the Data Tab in the Excel ribbon.
  2. Click Edit Links.
  3. Click the Startup Prompt button.
  4. Click "Don't display the alert and don't update automatic links" to select this.
  5. Click OK to save the changes.

The next time the workbook is opened you will not be prompted to open the link.

Note: if you require a link to be updated this will need to be done manually in the Edit Links and you will need to have the linked workbook open in Co-Edit mode to update the values.

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