I do not see a feature, or there is a button missing on the FYI screen


There is a feature or a button on the FYI screen that is missing or that I cannot see.


Document is Locked

Some functions are only available if a document is not locked by a workflow status, or if it is not being edited by another user.

Refer also to the FAQs Why can I not Edit or Delete an email or document? and Why can I not Co-edit a document?

Size of your screen or Screen Resolution

This may be due to the size of your screen or your screen resolution. FYI has been designed to show the full screen and all the buttons using a standard resolution.

Try maximising the screen or changing the resolution.

In Chrome you can use the Zoom function from the Chrome Settings. If this is not showing as 100% (for example if you have zoomed to a much higher percentage) some of the FYI screen may not be showing.

Logout of FYI

Logout of FYI and close your browser completely. Then log in to FYI again.

If the error persists, please contact our Support Team.

The feature is not available for the FYI Plan your practice has subscribed to

Certain FYI features are only available depending on the FYI plan your practice has subscribed to, Starter, Intermediate or Pro (refer to Subscribing to an FYI Plan).

For details of what is available for each plan, refer to the Pricing page on our website - Pricing.

The Cabinet is a Knowledge Cabinet

Because a document in a Knowledge Cabinet does not have a client selected, certain functions are not relevant so certain buttons and options in the toolbar or right-click pop-up toolbar menu will not be displayed. Refer to Internal Documents in the Knowledge Cabinets and Managing Cabinets.

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