If we have two practices running independently, can some users work across both?

We have two practices running independently of each other, but some users need to work across both. Is this possible?

This is not possible due to the deep integration FYI has with Microsoft 365 and especially with Outlook and with the autofiling of emails and which account it should file the emails to.

The following are some workarounds

  • The user needs to have separate accounts each with a separate Microsoft 365 account. The users can use Chrome profiles to switch accounts. Refer to How can I login to multiple FYI accounts? This method would require the user to have two active FYI accounts.

  • You can share accounts by setting up and Alias. There is a negative aspect of this, in that you may lose the audit trail of who edited documents. Refer to Setting up Aliases in How can I use a Shared Mailbox? 


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