Why can I not find migrated documents?


We are a new site and have migrated our historical documents, but I cannot find some of these.


Some of the metadata may be missing in a document and you are looking for documents under data that is not available for the document(s). For example, if you are looking by Client or Year, the documents may not have these, so they do not appear under that Client or Year.


Search for the document using different criteria and in a different way

  1. In the Documents list from the All view, search for the document Name.
  2. If you do not find a document, in the Documents lists you can add the column Source Path to show where the document has come from. Refer to Adding/Removing/Moving Columns in the Documents Lists.
    If you want to search on the Source Path, we recommend entering the full path, not just part of it.
  3. When you find the document, use the drawer to see where the document is filed.

If you cannot find a client

The client may have been imported as an Archived or Unmatched client. Documents for Archived or Unmatched are not displayed in the Documents list.

  1. In the Clients list, use the filter for the Status column to show "Archived" and "Unmatched" to check if the client is unresolved.
  2. If the client is showing, click the Name of the Archived or Unmatched client to open the workspace and display the Documents tab. You may need to navigate to the "Archived" and "Deleted" views to locate the documents.
    • If the client is an Unmatched client, you can resolve this by matching to the correct active client or archiving.  Refer to Unmatched Clients.
    • Or you can file documents under a different client using the drawer or Bulk Update.

In the Clients list, you can include the Source column to show where the client was created from. Refer to Adding/Removing/Moving Columns in the Clients Lists. This column shows the following:

  • XPM - The client has been created/synced from XPM.
  • Practice Sync - The client has been created/synced with the Generic Practice Management Software (refer to Integration with Generic Practice Management Software).
  • Legacy - The client has been created from the migration process, but was not matched with a client in FYI. The unmatched client was created in FYI in the Refile function and then shows the Source as Legacy. Refer to Creating and Resolving Unmatched Clients in Implementors: Live Import.

If you still cannot find the document(s)

After performing the above steps, if you are still unable to locate the documents we recommend checking the following:

  • Review the migration audit report to ensure that the document was not excluded from the migration. Refer to Implementors: Migration Audit Report.
  • Review the source location of the document migration to ensure that the document was identified up by the FYI Migrate App.

If you are still unable to find the document, please take a screenshot of the document from the historical source location and send it to your Onboarding Consultant or FYI Implementor for review.



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