When I login to FYI, why am I asked to login a second time?


When I log in to FYI, I am sometimes asked to log in a second time.


Updates to FYI

If there is an update pending for FYI, you may be asked to log in again to complete the application of the updates.


Login again and the updates will complete. Refer also to Checking the latest version of the FYI web app.

Multi-factor authentication tool may not be configured correctly

If you are using Multi-factor authentication with FYI, it may be configured incorrectly. 


FYI supports the Microsoft 365 Multi-Factor Authentication solution exclusively.

While we understand that there are various MFA options available on the market, we have carefully chosen Microsoft 365 as our preferred MFA provider due to its robust security features and seamless integration with our platform. FYI cannot provide support for any other MFA tools. 

You will need to contact your IT Administrator or the third-party software vendor to review the account configuration. 

Refer to Can Multi-factor Authentication be configured for FYI users?

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