Why is the 'Filed in FYI' blue icon not showing in Outlook?


For an email that has been filed in FYI, I am not seeing the blue 'Filed in FYI' category in the Inbox or Sent folder that should display above the date (refer to 'Filed in FYI' Label in Outlook).


This could be caused by one of the following. See below for the solution for each of these.

Categories are not selected in Outlook Columns

Make sure that Categories are selected in Columns.

  1. In Microsoft Outlook Email, display the View menu.
  2. Click Add Columns.

  3. Check that Categories is included in the list on the right-hand side.
    If Categories is not included, add this to the columns that show.


Email is not in the Inbox or Sent Items Folder

FYI monitors the Inbox and Sent Items folders in Outlook. If the email is located in a different folder to these, FYI will not be able to set the 'Filed In FYI' category.


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