Alternate Xero login for FYI

In the event of an outage when Microsoft 365 is offline, there is an alternate URL that can be used to access FYI.

As Microsoft 365 is offline, you cannot work entirely as normally, but you can access all documents and do baseline actions such as Task management.

How to login

In the event of an outage, you can log in to the FYI web app via:


Then log in with your Xero user credentials as you would for Xero Practice Manager:


What you cannot do in FYI during a Microsoft 365 Outage

You will not be able to do the following from within FYI:

  • Create new Office documents and edit them immediately
  • Seamless editing of Office and other documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc).
  • Preview documents and emails using OneDrive from the FYI document drawer.
  • Use the "Read" documents and emails.

What you can do during a Microsoft 365 Outage

Other FYI features, such as the following, will be unaffected and still available in FYI:

  • Create Office documents by selecting "Do not open".
  • Creating, previewing and editing Phone Calls, File Notes and Meeting records.
  • Navigating and searching across FYI through groups, clients and jobs.
  • Manage your tasks within the FYI web app.
  • You can continue to prepare emails and documents using Outlook and Office Desktop for them to be uploaded or filed when the full service is restored.
  • If you need to urgently access or edit an affected document such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you can:
    1. Export the respective document by selecting the document in a list and clicking Export (refer to Exporting Documents). The document is downloaded to your computer.
    2. Work on the document, using Office desktop, where you can view the document or make changes if required.
    3. After the outage, to upload the changes, drag and drop into the Upload section of the FYI drawer of the relevant document (refer below to Going back to normal after a Microsoft 365 Outage).

Important Note:
This manual approach of exporting documents overrides the exclusive editing feature of FYI. Uploads are automatically versioned but there is a risk that changes may be lost if more than one user has made changes at the same time.

Going back to normal after a Microsoft 365 Outage

  • After the outage, any new emails that have arrived in the Inbox of your Outlook, or any emails you have sent and are in the Sent folder of your Outlook will automatically AutoFile as relevant for your setup.

  • Any new documents can be added to FYI using Drag and Drop or your OneDrive FYI - My Imports (refer to Drag and Drop and Using OneDrive FYI - My Imports to Automatically Import to your In Tray).

  • For any documents that have been exported from FYI and have been changed, update these as the latest version to the relevant filed document in FYI in the Upload section of the FYI drawer.

    If there is any possibility that more than one person has worked on a document during the outage, ensure the latest version is uploaded.
    - The Upload section is only available if the document is not currently being edited in FYI and therefore not checked out.

    To Upload:
    1. In FYI, open the drawer of the document you want to upload the document to.
    2. Click the Upload section to expand it.
    3. To select the file from Windows Explorer, click the Click a file area, locate the file and click Open.
    Drag and drop
    the file onto this area.

    The uploaded file is added as the latest version in the Version section of the drawer.

Status Updates of an Outage

You can check the status of any Microsoft 365 outages from both their status site and on X (formerly Twitter):

FYI will monitor the status closely and alert FYI Admins where appropriate.

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