How can I use a Shared Mailbox?

This FAQ explains how you can set up and use a shared mailbox, for example, a mailbox that has been shared to another user, or if you have a practice-wide mailbox such as used by Reception, or a mailbox that is accessed by several part-time users.

"Shared mailbox" account in Microsoft 365

If the mailbox is a "Shared mailbox" account in Microsoft 365, due to Microsoft limitations, you cannot use the Add-in technology that FYI relies on for AutoFile. Refer to the Microsoft article Create a shared mailbox

Accessing a Mailbox that has been delegated as an assistant or to a trusted co-worker

In Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365, there is an option to delegate a mailbox to an assistant or to a trusted co-worker. This allows the delegated person access to another person's mailbox. This can also be set up and used so the delegated person can file emails to FYI on behalf of the owner of the mailbox.

Refer to Filing Email from another User's Outlook.

Note: You can also share your FYI In Tray with another user (refer to Sharing your In Tray). But if you want another user to file directly from your Outlook, it needs to be set up as a shared mailbox (for example, in case there are delays with the auto-filing to the In Tray).

Practice-wide shared mailbox - where many people share one mailbox

You may have a practice-wide email account (for example, reception@example.com.au) which multiple people edit and reply from, but it is no one person’s primary email account.

The recommended best practice for a shared mailbox is to have a separate mailbox for your practice. This will be a mailbox that is licensed for Microsoft 365 and FYI. Refer also to OneDrive Admin Account.

This allows:

  • Multiple people to access the mailbox.
  • Gives you all the features of reply and threading.

Refer also to Practice-wide Shared Email Account​.

Setting up Aliases
If a user requires access to a shared mailbox but also their personal mailbox, it is important to note that, due to a limitation from Microsoft, the Outlook desktop Add-in can only be logged in by one user at a time. Therefore, we recommend any affected users create a separate Google Chrome profile for their secondary account. This will allow them to file from their secondary mailbox using Outlook online, whilst using Outlook desktop for their primary mailbox. For information on how to create a Chrome profile and how to switch to another profile in Chrome, refer to the Google help article Share Chrome with others. Once you have set up more than one Chrome Profile, you will now be able to launch two instances of Google Chrome, one for each Chrome Profile, and be able to login to each FYI User account on each Google Chrome Instance.

Another option is to set up an Email Alias through Microsoft 365, which allows a single Microsoft 365 user to be associated with multiple email addresses.

For example, let's say Jenna has the email address jenna@practice.com, but she also wants to receive email at reception@practice.com. You can create aliases for her so that both email addresses go to Jenna's inbox. Refer to the Microsoft article Add another email alias for a user

If you do use Microsoft 365 email aliases, it is important to note that only one of these email addresses will be used when logging in to FYI. Refer also to Logging into FYI with an Email Alias set up using Magic Link.

Use Drag and Drop to Import the emails

You can alternatively use Drag and drop to import the emails from the shared mailbox into FYI and then file them manually. However, note that:

  • You do not get the 'filed in FYI' indicator in Outlook, so you have to do this manually.
  • You do not get the attachment indicator, so you cannot easily file attachments.
  • New stand-alone thread and first email and any replies don't thread.
  • This does not allow emails to be auto-filed.
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