How does FYI handle emails with BCCs?

For a Large number of BCCs
If you need to send emails to a large number of "BCC" recipients, we recommend doing this via an Automation Custom Process (refer to Custom Processes). The benefits of this, w
hen an email has multiple email addresses as BCCs, are:

  • Each individual email is automatically stored under each client.
  • Any conversation thread beyond the initial email will be auto-filed and threaded.
  • This allows each email to have its own lifecycle (such as tasks etc).

Small Numbers of BCCs
There may be instances, such as if there are small numbers of email addresses in the BCC, that the following is an alternative way to handle any replies to a conversation thread that was started with BCCs:

  • On each of the replies, you can drag and drop that email into the FYI to import it (refer to Drag and Drop). Then manually file these in FYI to the respective client.
  • At this point, the imported email is effectively a new copy of the email. 
  • If you reply to that new email in FYI, it will create a new thread.

A couple of items to note:

  • If the client replies independently on the original thread, their reply will thread with the original email.
  • The new copy of the email in FYI will not have all attributes of emails auto-filed, such as attachment indicators, from, to etc.

Threading of Emails with BCC recipients
Emails with BCC recipients are threaded in the same way that Outlook threads them. They are threaded using the subject and recipients.


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