Using Upload to Import a File

You can use Upload to import any type of file into FYI. This is useful for files such as images or zipped files.

Excel .xlsm macro files cannot be imported into FYI using Upload. Use drag and drop to import .xlsm files (refer to Drag and Drop).

Note: The maximum size for an imported file is 500mb.

Using Upload

  1. From FYI, click the +button in the menu bar.

  2. Select Upload from the list of document types. 
    Or, from the workspace, simply press the shortcut key U for a new Upload.

    The Import Drawer displays on the right-hand side.


  3. Select the Client and Cabinet.

     - Type at least three characters of the client name to display all clients containing those characters. Then click to select the required client.

    - If the selected Client has a default Cabinet, or you have a default for your own settings, this is displayed. This can be changed if required.

    When the Client and Cabinet have been selected, defaults and options display as relevant for what you have selected, for example, Categories, Jobs, Tags and Keywords are all set to display as relevant depending on the Cabinet selected.


  4. In the Drawer, select or enter the filing fields, or change the defaults that are given:

    Categories - select the filing Category/Categories for the document, such as Year and Work Type. The Category options that are available may be filtered according to the Cabinet selected.

    Job - If Jobs are enabled for the selected Cabinet, you can also select a Job for the client (refer to the section Jobs and Setting Up Jobs in FYI).

    Tags and Keywords - If the selected Cabinet has been enabled for Tags and/or Keywords, you will see these as additional Categories. You can create or select one or more Tags for additional categorisation. You can enter one or more Keywords that can be used when searching for the document. Refer to Tags and Keywords.

  5. Click Choose a file to select the filename from Windows Explorer, or you can drag and drop the file onto the Choose a file area in the Import drawer.

    - The Name of the document in FYI defaults to the name of the file you have imported and can be changed if required.

  6. Click Create.

The icon that displays in lists shows the type of file that was uploaded, for example, Word, PDF, Image, Zipped (refer to Document Types Overview).

For files such as Office files, images and PDFs, you can use the Preview to see the contents.

Use the Export function to open an uploaded file (refer to Exporting Documents).

Upload of Emails

For emails, the Activity section in the drawer shows "Manually uploaded document" to show that the email was created using Upload.

If you use Upload for emails with attachments, the attachments will not be shown (the paperclip icon), and the Attachments drawer shows as "No available attachments".

Note: We recommend that all emails are filed in FYI from Outlook using the FYI Add-in to ensure that the emails and any attachments are filed correctly in FYI.


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