Co-Editing an Internal Document

The FYI Co-Edit function allows more than one FYI user to work on an internal document at the same time. This allows team members to work together on the same document, even remotely. Refer also to Overview - Co-Editing with your Team. For information on what needs to be set up for Co-Edit, refer to Configuring your Settings to Co-Edit Documents with your Team.

You can either open an existing document for Co-Edit, or you can set a document as Co-Edit when it is initially created.

Creating a Document as Co-Edit

When creating a new Word, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation, in the Create New drawer, from the Opening Method after Creating select Co-Edit


When the document is created, it is created as marked for Co-Edit and immediately available for more than one user to work on at the same time. Refer to Creating Word Documents from FYI, Creating Excel Spreadsheets from FYI and  Creating PowerPoint Presentations from FYI.

Marking an Existing Document for Co-Edit

  1. Select the document in a Document list
  2. From the Edit button drop-down, select Co-Edit. Or right-click and select Edit then Co-Edit from the tool bar pop-up menu (refer to Using the Document Action Tool Bar).

  3. Click Yes to confirm.


    Note: If you receive a message about the pop-up blocker, this is a known issue. FYI has to give permission every time. Click OK.


    Note: If you do not see the Co-Edit option, check if the document is an old Office version (refer below to Legacy Documents)

When a document is marked for Co-Edit, it shows the Co-Editing icon in the lists.



Making Changes to a Document that is in Co-Edit

Documents in Co-Edit can be edited by any user, as long as the user has access to the Cabinet where the document is filed.

Once a document is in Co-Edit, it cannot be edited exclusively by a user.

  1. Select the document in a list.
    The Co-Edit button displays in the toolbar (instead of the Edit button).

  2. Click Co-Edit to open the document for editing in the relevant Office Online product (Word Online, Excel Online or PowerPoint Online).

The following is an example of a document opened in Word Online.


Note: When you make a change to a document in Co-Edit, it does not show in your Home - My Edits. However, changes will be displayed in the OneDrive Admin user's Home - My Edits.

More than One User Working on a Document at the Same time

If another user Co-Edits at the same time that you have the document opened, and you are working in the same area of the document, you will also see any changes being made by the other user as they make them.

A flag displays next to where the other user is working. This displays the initials of the other user for a few seconds.


Then the flag displays as follows.


You can hover over the flag to see the name of the other user who is Co-Editing the document.


Actions Not available when Document is in Co-Edit

When a document is in Co-Edit with Client, you can not do the following

  • Co-Edit a Locked document (either because it's being edited by another user, or due to the Workflow Status)
  • Use Save as New Version from the Versions section in the drawer
  • You cannot Delete a document

First, finish the Co-Edit then try again.

Documents that cannot be Co-Edited

You cannot Co-Edit documents that are locked because they are being edited, or because of the workflow status. The Co-Edit option is not available for a locked document.

  • If the document is locked because it is already being edited by another user, first finish the editing. Refer to Opening, Editing and Finish Editing Documents.

  • You cannot Co-Edit a document that is locked because it has a workflow Status of "Completed", "Approved", "Pending Client Signature" or "Client Signed". A user with the appropriate workflow Approval Level can first change the workflow status. Refer to Workflow Basics.

Workflow Status and Co-Edit

If the workflow Status of a document that is already in Co-Edit is changed, for example, to "Approved" or "Completed", the document is locked for users and no further Co-Editing changes can be made. If further changes are needed, change the workflow Status to unlock it.

Refiling a Document that is in Co-Edit

If you need to refile a document that is in Co-Edit, it is recommended to finish Co-Editing, change any filing details and then Co-Edit again. This ensures that there are no issues with users accessing the document if you select a Cabinet that some users do not have access to.

Finish Co-Editing

Only the person who started the Co-Edit, or an FYI Admin can finish Co-Editing.

  1. Select the document in a list.
  2. In the drawer, click Finish Co-Editing.

  3. Click Yes to confirm.


If you need to make the document Co-Edit again, you can do so at any time.

Activity Section in the Drawer

As well as any changes to the filing details, the Activity section in the drawer shows the audit trail of who Co-Edited the document and when the Co-Edit started and was finished,

Versions Section in the Drawer

When the document is Co-Edited, a new version is added to the Versions section in the drawer.

When a document is marked “Finish Co-Editing", the updated document is added as a new version in FYI. This automatically creates the audit trail and, if needed, allows you to restore earlier versions.

Co-Editing Excel Spreadsheets with Linked Cells, Macros and other Controls

If you are using spreadsheets with linked cells between spreadsheets, Macros and other controls such as buttons, the spreadsheets have to be opened in the desktop app. This is a limitation of Microsoft Office. Refer to Co-Editing Excel Spreadsheets with Linked Cells, Macros and other Controls, or Links to specific Worksheets.

Legacy Documents

'Legacy documents' (from old versions of Office such as .doc or .xls) cannot be Co-edited. Export the file, save it as the latest Office version (.docx, .xlsx), import it to FYI and you will then be able to Co-Edit it. Refer to How can I work with old (legacy) Microsoft files such as .xls and .doc?

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