Importing a Batch of Documents into FYI

If you wish to import a batch of documents to work with when trialling FYI, you can do this easily using your OneDrive FYI - My Imports folder.

Integration with Microsoft 365 provides each FYI user with a system folder within their OneDrive called FYI - My Imports.

This is the best way to import a number of files into FYI.

Any files added to this folder are automatically detected and imported into your In Tray in FYI.

Note: There is a file size limit of 500mb for a file that can be imported via your FYI - My imports folder.

Locating your FYI - My Imports Folder

In Windows Explorer, the FYI - My Imports folder would commonly be under your OneDrive - FYI Docs.


Adding Files to your FYI - My Imports Folder

Copy and paste documents, or drag and drop them, into your FYI - My Imports folder.

Documents are automatically imported and will appear in your FYI In Tray, ready to be filed. They are automatically removed from your OneDrive folder.

The import adds the following filing details to the documents:

  • Name - the Name of the document in FYI is set as the file name and file extension of the file that was imported.
  • Owner - is set as your name.
  • Filing Status - is set as "Draft Filed".

Note: For large file sizes, or a large number of documents, there can be a delay of up to 10 minutes before files are imported from your FYI - My Imports folder. If required, you can manually sync files by clicking the FYI - My Imports button in your In Tray.


For information on the various different ways to import files into FYI, refer to the section Importing Documents to FYI.


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