Changing your Plan, Billing Details or Practice Details

You can manage your plan directly within FYI, including changing your plan and practice name, or updating the billing details.

Please note:

  • All plans are billed monthly in advance.
  • Your credit card will automatically be debited on the same day each month, the Due Date displayed in the Invoice section of the Settings - Account tab (discussed further below). The date this will be processed depends on your bank.
  • Should your monthly FYI subscription become overdue, a notification will display in your platform directing FYI admins to update billing details or contact support for the next steps.
  • Only users marked as ‘Active’ in FYI will be included in your monthly billing calculation. To change the status of any of your users, refer to Completing your Initial Setup of FYI and Managing Users.
  • Changes to the plan will affect the entire practice - you cannot upgrade/downgrade individual users.
  • If currently trialling FYI but have added payment details, the yellow "Trial" button will be displayed until the trial has ended and you have switched to your selected FYI plan.

To update your plan, billing details or practice details in FYI, please complete the following steps:

  1. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner.

  2. Select Practice Settings from the drop-down menu, and then select General.
  3. Go to the Account tab.

  4. This displays the number of users, your monthly payment, your current plan, your practice name and billing email address. A list of your FYI Invoices is displayed, with the Status "Paid" for paid invoices.

    Open an invoice by clicking on the relevant Invoice pdf icon.


    • To display the Admin - Users, under Users, click Manage Users.

    • To change your Payment method, under Payment click Update.
      The Billing Details displays.


      • Select the Payment method as "Credit Card" or "Direct Debit".
        Note: Direct Debit is only available for the Australian region.

        For Credit Cards, enter the credit card number, expiry date and CVC and click Update.
        For Direct Debit, enter the BSB and click Set up Direct Debit.

        If your previous card has declined, updating your details will charge any missing payments as well.

    • To change your plan, under your Current Plan, click Change Plan.
      Click the relevant Switch to ... button for the plan you want to change to.
      Note: If the Elite plan is chosen, you will be redirected to the Elite Onboarding Wizard after the upgrade is complete.


      • If you wish to change your plan from Elite, please note that Workflow Jobs will no longer be accessible. You will need to export all time from FYI to import into your new Practice Management software. Your invoices will continue to be available from your practice's Xero Ledger file. 

    • To update your Company Name or Billing Email Address click Change.  Enter your new details, and click Submit. All new FYI invoices will be sent to this email address from that point on.


If you decide not to continue beyond the trial, or using FYI, you can delete your account by clicking the Delete Account and a member of FYI will get in touch with you to facilitate the export of your data. Refer to Deleting your FYI Account.

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