Optimising your computer for use with FYI

Follow the instructions below to set up your desktop environment on a PC or laptop and enjoy the rich integration of the Microsoft suite of products with FYI.

Note: Before completing these tasks, ensure you have installed the FYI Add-ins for Office and Outlook. Refer to Adding the FYI Add-ins for Office and Outlook.

Step 1 - Configure your Outlook settings for FYI

To ensure the FYI icon appears correctly within Outlook and you can access the FYI Drawer, your Outlook ‘View’ settings need to be configured correctly.

Refer to Configuring your Outlook settings for FYI.

Step 2 - Configure your OneDrive for use with FYI

In order to seamlessly edit Office documents, OneDrive needs to be installed and configured correctly for FYI on each individual computer. 

Refer to Configuring your OneDrive for use with FYI.

Step 3 - Prepare your Browser for FYI

In order to select documents in FYI and edit them in your browser, and to use the Preview function, you need to change some settings in your browser. Refer to Preparing your Browser for FYI.

Step 4 - Add the FYI Browser Extension

In order to upload and file PDF documents directly from your Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser to FYI, you need to first install the FYI Browser Extension. Refer to FYI Browser Extension.

Step 5 - Set up the FYI Desktop App

The FYI Desktop App is a purpose-built desktop app that is used to edit FYI documents independently of OneDrive. Refer to FYI Desktop App.

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