What data is migrated into FYI?

The following table indicates the data we can extract from your legacy system and migrate across to FYI.

Data migrated to FYI (HC image).gif

Please be aware of the following:

  • Emails:
  • Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks to external documents may break on import to FYI if the original document no longer exists in the hyperlinked location.
  • File extension: As long as the file extension is a type that can be imported to FYI, the software used to open the file on a computer is irrelevant e.g. PDF files can be opened in a browser, or Adobe Acrobat.
  • MYOB:
    • Emails migrated from MYOB will show the paperclip icon mceclip1.png next to any migrated emails that contain attachments.
    • For File Notes, all document types of ‘MYOB File Note’ are migrated.
    • Keywords are migrated to FYI. 
    • Contact Notes will be migrated to FYI as File Notes.
    • The Workflow status will be migrated, not the document Owner or Approver.
    • Documents stored in either the MYOB Intranet or MYOB Portal will not be included in the migration to FYI. If you would like these migrated to FYI, you will need to engage MYOB to export the documents into a folder structure, and a folder migration can then be performed.
  • Virtual Cabinet:
    • Tasks, including Audit History and Process History, assigned to documents will not migrate to FYI.
    • Documents in the Virtual Cabinet In Tray are not included in the backup and will need to be filed. Please see the Virtual Cabinet section below for options on migrating these documents to FYI.
    • Matters are not synchronised from Virtual Cabinet but can be synchronised from APS if the APS integration is connected. Refer to Synchronising Clients and Users with APS (Australia & New Zealand only)
  • HandiSoft Portal: The Client Portal folder is regarded as a transport folder for uploading and downloading documents. Document will only migrate from this folder if they are visible in the DocBase Windows Explorer location. 
  • HandiSoft Client Notes and Client Events: HandiSoft documents are migrated from the DocBase Windows Explorer location. As this location does not contain the client notes, they will not be migrated to FYI. To import notes from HandiSoft you can use the Generic Practice Sync – File Notes import.
  • CCH Acclipse: Emails migrated from CCH Acclipse will need to be converted to .msg files before migrating to FYI, refer to CCH Acclipse Emails.
  • CCH (United Kingdom only): In CCH the email displays a paperclip in the 'HasAttachments' field but only contains a small image file, such as an email signature. This will display the attachment icon in FYI but the attachment will not migrate.
  • Iris: Emails migrated from Iris will show the paperclip icon mceclip1.png next to any migrated emails that contain attachments.
  • Database systems 'Sent-on': FYI will not migrate sent-on or sent-by details to FYI.
  • Database systems 'Modified By': FYI will attempt to match user email addresses from the legacy system to FYI on import. If there is no match "System" will be assigned as the last modified by.
  • Database systems VersionsFYI will migrate the latest version of each document at the time of migration. Whilst the FYI Migrate App is running, additional versions will be migrated and threaded. This does exclude emails, all emails in a thread will be migrated.

Note: For anything else not specifically outlined above, FYI does not guarantee the data will be migrated.

Data that is Excluded

Files equal to or greater than 2 gigabytes in size will be excluded.

Document Migration for Folder Based Systems

The standard list of file types excluded in a folder based system migration is as follows. These exclusions have been defined based on feedback received during previous data migrations.

  • *.hsv

  • *.del

  • thumbs.db

  • ~*  Files where the file name begins with a tilda (~).
  • *.DS_Store
  • desktop.ini
  • .StatusCache\*
  • All google document file types (*.gdoc, *.gsheet, *.gslides, *.gdraw, *.gtable, *.gforms). It is the practice's responsibility to convert these file types prior to migration starting if they are to migrate to FYI. 
  • Files without file names or file types are excluded.
  • Files where the file name starts with .azDownload

Note: If you want to exclude files from the document migration, the files need to be removed from the source location prior to running the migration to FYI.

Document Migration for Databases

The document migration for databases (MYOB, VirtualCabinet, IRIS, etc) will migrate all valid documents, regardless of the actual filename or file extension of the file.


If no logical date can be determined from the metadata during migration for created and modified dates, these are set as the date the document is migrated to FYI. 

CCH Acclipse Emails

CCH Acclipse stores saved emails with a file extension of .url These files will import, but are not useable in FYI once CCH is decommissioned.

In order to successfully migrate your historical emails from CCH to FYI they should be converted to .msg files. 

This conversion will need to be discussed directly with CCH. The .url file needs to be replaced with an identical .msg file and matching metadata, for example, date modified and date created.

After this conversion has taken place, the FYI Migrate App can then be started.

Virtual Cabinet

In Tray documents in Virtual Cabinet are not present in the Virtual Cabinet backup. To migrate these documents to FYI, the following options are available:

File to a Cabinet in Virtual Cabinet and Migrate

File the documents in the In Tray to a Cabinet within Virtual Cabinet. The FYI Migrate App for Virtual Cabinet will recognise these new documents and will migrate them to FYI.

Export from Virtual Cabinet and Import into FYI

Once the In Tray Documents have been identified (this can be done by each user), they can be exported from Virtual Cabinet manually and imported into FYI.

FYI offers a range of import methods, click on the links below for more detail.

HowNow X or HowNow Online

Practices using HowNow X or HowNow Online will need to contact the software provider to arrange the export of their files. The export files will then need to be saved locally by the practice for the Migrate App to sync from. This will be a point-in-time migration, meaning that once the files are exported, users will no longer be able to create or modify documents in HowNow X or HowNow Online

Important Note: Ensure that there is sufficient space on the machine that the exported documents will be stored on. Refer to Technical Requirements.

Bespoke Data Extraction

If you require extraction of data from a system that is not outlined above, we suggest engaging third-party experts to assist. This may include M-Files and public folders in Exchange Server.

In some cases (the minority) FYI may be able to assist with bespoke data extraction. Please note that where it is possible, it will incur an additional fee.

Please get in touch with our Sales team to discuss this in more detail. Click here to book your Discovery Meeting. 

Bespoke Data Migration

Should your practice be using a document management solution that falls outside the list of those our migration tool can migrate from, we may be able to provide an alternative solution. Your practice or IT team would be required to populate a metadata file to be used during the migration.

Please contact your FYI New Business Manager or Onboarding Consultant to discuss this in more detail.

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