Troubleshooting editing Excel and Word documents on the desktop using OneDrive

This article details how to check that FYI and Office/OneDrive for both online and desktop are correctly integrated.

Ensure the prerequisites for FYI are met

In order for FYI to function correctly with your Microsoft applications, ensure you have satisfied the prerequisites of FYI. Refer to Prerequisites for using FYI in your Practice.

Check your user status

  1. Check your user Status page in FYI for any errors. All items in the Status tab should have green ticks or green exclamation marks. Refer to Status Tab in Individual Settings and Status.
  2. If there are any that display with the Fix Me, click the button to fix the issue.
  3. If there are any other errors without Fix Me, contact FYI Support.

Open a document from FYI to edit in Browser

  1. Select any existing Office document (Excel Spreadsheet or Word etc) within FYI and select Edit in Browser to open the document in Office Online.

  2. This should automatically open the selected document in Office.com in a new tab. which indicates FYI is successfully integrated with OneDrive.

If it does not open successfully;

    1. If the pop-up warning displays, follow the steps in Preparing your Browser for FYI
    2. If you still have an issue, contact the FYI Support Team

Check that OneDrive is installed on your desktop PC

  1. For FYI to seamlessly create and edit Office desktop documents, it is strongly recommended that Microsoft OneDrive is configured on the desktop with the same Office account used to authenticate with FYI. If the user's OneDrive on the desktop is not configured, they will have to log in every time and autosave is not enabled.

  2. Navigate to https://www.office.com/
  3. In the top left-hand corner click App Launcher.

  4. Click OneDrive to open OneDrive Online.

  5. In OneDrive, select Sync from the top action menu.


  6. Follow any prompts including updating OneDrive if required and/or enter your login credentials.
  7. Once the synchronisation has been completed, you should see "OneDrive - Your Name" in Windows Explorer.
  8. If you are unable to sync your OneDrive locally, either contact your IT consultant or refer to the following Microsoft help articles:

Edit a Document from OneDrive Online

  1. Open a Word or Excel document online
  2. Click Open in Desktop App at the top of the screen to open the document or spreadsheet in the desktop version.
  3. This should open the document in edit mode on your local PC with Autosave enabled.

If the document does not open in edit mode, there is an issue in the local environment.

    1. Refer to your IT consultant.
    2. Refer to the following Microsoft article: I cannot open sharepoint files through my office desktop app

Edit a document from FYI on Office desktop

  1. In FYI, ensure that the document you will be opening is not being edited and if relevant stop editing the document.
  2. Ensure the document is closed.
  3. In FYI, select Edit in Desktop from the Edit button.
  4. This opens the document directly for edit within Office desktop.
  5. If you are still having issues, contact the FYI Support Team

FYI Desktop Application Alternative

If you are continuing to experience issues editing documents via OneDrive, FYI have a built for purpose desktop application to edit documents locally on the user's PC.

Refer to FYI Desktop App and Opening, Editing and Finish Editing Documents with FYI Desktop App.

Other issues

If your OneDrive is continually syncing, refer to How to check if the OneDrive is permanently or often syncing.

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