How to find emails, documents, attachments, clients or tasks that are missing or not showing

If you cannot find emails, documents, attachments, clients or tasks in a view, this could be caused by one of the following. See below for details of each of these.

As a general guide, always check the View that is selected in a list as it may be excluding what you are looking for (refer to Searching in Lists).

If you are a new site, refer to Why can I not find migrated documents?

"All" view in Documents lists is not showing all documents

If the "All" view has been saved accidentally with a filter or search applied, this results in not all documents showing when the All view is selected. Refer to Why are there documents missing or not showing in the "All" view in Documents lists?.


  • If an email or document is part of a Thread it may not be showing when Hide Threads is enabled in the view. Click Hide threads to turn this "Off". Refer to Managing Email Threads.

Sort and Filter

Refer to Searching in Lists and Sorting and Filtering.

  • Use the Search and Retrieve options to look for missing emails/documents.
    Apply a Sort or Filter to the view to help locate an email or document, for example, to set the filter for Type as "Email" or "Word".

  • Check if you have a Sort applied to the view so that what you are looking for is not at the top of the list or on the first page.

  • Check if you have a Filter applied to the view that is not including what you are looking for.

    If you have applied a Filter to a column (such as a Category or the Client column) and the view has been saved, when you re-display the view the filtering is still applied. Check if you have filtered a specific column.

    When any filters have been applied a
    green dot is shown next to the name of the column when a Filter has been applied to that column.

  • Check if you have filtered a column and then removed that column from the view so you cannot see the filtering. Refer to Adding/Removing/Moving Columns in a List.

User Access to the Cabinet

Check if the User Group assigned to your login has access to the Cabinet under which the email or document has been filed. Documents are categorised according to the requirements of your own practice and the top-level of categorisation is commonly the "Cabinet" (for example, Client Files, Partner Files, Practice Admin). Access to documents in a Cabinet can be restricted to a specific User Group. Refer to Managing User Groups.

Cabinet is a Knowledge Cabinet

Certain Cabinets can be set up as Knowledge Cabinets. You will only have access to add, change and delete documents that display in the Knowledge Cabinets if you are an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Knowledge. If you cannot access some documents, it is possible the Cabinet they are filed under has been incorrectly set as a Knowledge Cabinet. Refer to Internal Documents in the Knowledge Cabinets.

Using a View for Specific Documents

  •  You may be looking in a view in which the email or document is not included (such as your Home - In Tray or Home - My Recent).

    Go to a list that shows all FYI documents, such as the Client - Documents tab (for the selected client), or the Documents list.

  • In the Documents list, and in the Client - Documents tab for a selected client, there are various views that are used as a "mail register". These are also useful to locate an email or document using options for when and how it was sent or received. Refer to Emails Sent, Received and Draft and Mail Register Views.

Auto-Filed Emails

If you cannot see emails that have been auto-filed, if you are using In Tray Review, these may still be in your In Tray waiting to be filed.

Document is Deleted

In the Documents list, display the Deleted view to see if the document has been deleted. From the Documents workspace, select the Deleted Documents view. Refer to Deleting Documents and Recovering Deleted Documents and Deleting Emails and Recovering Deleted Emails.

Unfiled Document has been deleted from your In Tray

Unfiled documents that are deleted from your In Tray are not shown as deleted documents. Due to privacy considerations, they are hidden from view. If they need to be recovered, please contact the FYI Support Team.

Email Attachments

There are both practice-wide and individual settings which dictate how you see and interact with email attachments in FYI. For details of the configurations, and how you can access and file attachments, refer to Filing Email Attachments.

Email is missing from my FYI - Drafts Folder in Outlook

If you accidentally deleted, moved or renamed your FYI - Drafts folder in Outlook FYI will recreate it. If it was accidentally renamed, FYI will recreate it but the email you are looking for may be in the renamed folder.

If you cannot find your FYI - Drafts folder, refer to FYI - Drafts folder in your Outlook in Sending Immediately or Saving a Draft.

View needs Refreshing

Refresh the view. Click the Refresh button at the end of the column headings, on the right-hand side of a list. Refer to Refreshing a View in Using the Documents Lists.

Sticky Views

If you have enabled Sticky Views, this could be impacting which view displays and therefore which documents are displayed. For information on how to check and clear Sticky Views, refer to Sticky Views.

Email that has been Auto-filed is not in my In Tray, or does not show the Filing Details in the FYI Drawer in Outlook

If the client has a Cabinet set in the Filing defaults, check that you have access to that Cabinet. Refer to Setting Filing Defaults for a Client.

Client has been Archived

If documents have been saved to an archived client.  They do not show, for example, when looking at the documents for the client group. For information refer to Archived Clients. You can refile the documents to an active client using Bulk Update (refer to Bulk Updating of Filing Details).

Client Security

If a client doesn't show, including the client itself, check if Client - Security has been enabled for the client.

Complete access to a client can be limited to one or more specific users. This is enabled in the Client workspace Client - Security tab which can only be accessed by an FYI Admin or a user who has been given access to the client.

When Client Security is enabled for a client, only the users who have been given access will see any information about the client. Any other users, including an FYI Admin, will not see the client in the Clients List or in any other lists, and it will not show in any searches. All information is hidden from all users except those who have been given specific access. Only an FYI Admin can disable security.

If you cannot see a client in the Client List or find any information about the client, you will need to check with your FYI Admins if they have enabled Client Security for that client.

Tasks in Home - My tasks or Delegated Tasks

When there are more than 100 tasks, click the Load More button at the top of the list to display the additional Tasks. Refer to Displaying Tasks from your Home.

Cannot find some documents after the migration of data

If you are a new site and have migrated our historical documents, but cannot find some of these, refer to Why can I not find migrated documents?

Ask an FYI Admin to check for you

An FYI Admin in your practice has access to all documents.

An FYI Admin can also check a document that is in your In Tray for you (refer to FYI Admin view of all Users' In Trays.

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