What level of support does FYI provide?

We provide email support and access to a comprehensive knowledge base. This support is included in monthly pricing at no extra cost.

For any particularly complicated issue, we will initiate an outbound call.

Support Request

Click the Help icon (the question mark in the top right-hand corner of the FYI menu) and select Support Request. Refer to Using the Support Bot.

Email Support

Our support team is available during business hours to answer any of your queries. Simply email support@fyi.app and we will be happy to help.

FYI Help Centre

The FYI Help Centre is a comprehensive knowledge base designed to assist you on your FYI journey. 

It is a self-guided learning library providing detailed help articles, learning resources and release notes to help you use the app to its full potential.

Visit FYI Help - Getting Started to access everything you need to know when starting your FYI journey. Refer to the section Getting Started.

You can also access our growing library of masterclasses, training webinars and resources. Refer to the section Learning Resources.

FYI Community

Join the FYI User Community Facebook group to get news and updates on product releases. Here’s the link to join:


FYI Masterclasses, Workshops and Webinars

FYI users also receive invitations to our Masterclasses, Workshops and Webinars. These are live webinars hosted by the Client Success Team covering a range of topics to ensure practices are utilising FYI’s full feature set for maximum return-on-investment. 

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