Can I save an email or document to multiple clients, without copying it?

If you need to copy an email or document and file it to multiple clients, but only want one single version of it, follow the process below. These can be performed for all document types and for emails. 

Creating a Web Link of another FYI document

  1. Select the document/email you would like to file in multiple locations and click the Doc Link button. Refer to Copying, or Inserting, and Opening a Document Link.

    A link to the document is copied to your clipboard.

  2. Click +New and select Web Link. Refer to Creating a Web Link.

  3. In the Web Link, in the URL field, paste the Doc Link from your clipboard.

  4. Add the filing details of the additional location under which to file the document/email.

  5. Click Create.

Copy the Web Link to multiple clients

Once the Web Link has been created, an easy way to copy this to multiple clients is to copy the Web Link and file it against the separate clients. 

  1. Select the Web Link document.
  2. Click Copy.
  3. Refile the copy and rename it if required.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for as many copies as you need.

Accessing a document from a Web Link

When you open the Web Link,  using this Open icon it will open the document in a new tab for you to read, edit, or action. 



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