Managing Practice Settings

Various default settings can be set for your practice. These settings can only be changed by an FYI Admin.

Displaying the Practice Settings

  1. Log in to FYI as an FYI Admin.
  2. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner. 
  3. Select Practice settings from the drop-down.

  4. Then select General.
  5. The Settings tab will be displayed.


Practice Settings

Login Timeout

If users leave FYI inactive for a period of time, they will be automatically logged out and prompted to log in again in order to continue using FYI. The default is 8 hours of inactive time before a login times out. This timeout can be changed according to the preference of your own practice.

New Users 

Controls the default status for new users when synchronised to FYI from practice management solutions - Xero Practice Manager, GreatSoft, or Practice Sync integrations (MYOB, APS, Iris, or CCH Central). 

Inactive users will need to be activated by an FYI Admin before they will be able to log into FYI. Refer to Managing Users.

Financial Year Start

Used to enter the start date of the Financial Year for your practice. For example, 01/07 (for the 1st of July) or 01/04 (for the 1st of April). 

The date set in this field will adjust the results of the Relative Date filter in views and lists when selecting "This Financial Year" or "Last Financial Year". 

Note: For Australian and New Zealand practices, this field will default to 30/06, and for UK practices it will default to 31/03. This can be adjusted as required.

Refer to Sorting and Filtering Jobs Lists.

Sample Content

As part of setting up your trial, from the Welcome Screen you can select to create Sample Clients and a Sample Cabinet (refer to FYI Welcome Screen). Refer to Managing Sample Content.

Sticky Views

When a user selects a particular view in any list, if Sticky Views are enabled for your practice, that choice will be their default for the rest of the session and also when they log out and log in again. This means that when a view has been selected, when the user displays another list and then returns to that list, or logs out and in again, the same view will be initially selected in the drop-down. Refer to Sticky Views.

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