Nominating the Primary Job

Nominating the primary Job for a client allows you to select one or more lead jobs to act as your tracking jobs but still gives the flexibility to maintain any other jobs, such as consulting, to be running in parallel.

It is up to your practice to select which of the jobs to use as the primary ones within a client group. This may be the job that relates to the primary client within the group, but this could be different if relevant.

In the Jobs lists, you can include the Primary column and you can apply a Filter to this to display only the jobs that have been nominated as the Primary Job for the clients. Refer to Sorting and Filtering Jobs Lists.

To Nominate the Primary Job

  1. Select a job on the workspace by clicking in the list anywhere other than on the Job Name, Client Group or Client name. The Drawer displays.

  2. Click Primary to show this as ticked.

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