What happens when the trial period ends?

At the end of the trial, if you choose to subscribe as a client then it is business as usual. All the documents, settings and integrations that have been added during the trial are seamlessly available when you go live. To move ahead with implementing FYI in your practice, reach out to our team via the Discovery section of the Onboarding Wizard. Refer to the articles in the section Onboarding Overview.

If you have already lost access, send an email to support@fyi.app.

  • You will need to select an FYI plan to suit your practice. For more details on FYI Features and Pricing Plans, visit our website at fyi.app

  • Subscribing to FYI is done from Settings - Practice Settings - General - Account. This function can only be accessed by an FYI Admin. For details, refer to Subscribing to an FYI Plan.

  • You also use this function to change your plan or update the payment details, for example, if you need to change the credit card or direct debit details you are using to pay for FYI. Refer to Changing your Plan or your Billing Details.

If you decide not to continue beyond the trial, you can easily delete your account and a member of FYI will get in touch with you to facilitate the export of your data. Refer to Deleting your FYI Account.

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