Using OneDrive FYI - My Imports to Automatically Import to your In Tray

For every active user in FYI, an automatically created system folder is added to each user's OneDrive. This is called FYI - My Imports. FYI is constantly watching and monitoring this folder.

Whenever files are added to this folder, FYI detects this and automatically imports them. Emails imported from FYI - My Imports have a Delivery Status of "Imported".

There are several other ways to import files to FYI (refer to Drag and Drop and Bulk Upload to a Client). Our recommendation is to use Drag and Drop for the occasional small document. But if you have large files, or you have a number of files to import, use your FYI - My Imports folder and then file the documents from your In Tray.

Note: There is a file size limit of 500mb for a file that can be imported via your FYI - My imports folder.

FYI - My Imports for Scanning Documents
The FYI - My Imports is especially useful for scanning documents as you can scan directly to the OneDrive folder and the scanned documents are, as relevant, added to the user's In Tray or filed automatically.

Note: Check with the provider of your scanner or multi-function device for information on any functionality or apps that are available for that device to scan directly to each user’s OneDrive in PDF format. The function or app would allow you to scan a document on the device and it is automatically added to the relevant user's FYI - My Imports OneDrive folder. Depending on the device, this may be an app that runs on a phone or tablet.

Note: Another application of this feature is that each user can create a network share to this folder via Windows. This is often used for a network scanner. If your network scanner supports it, you can then scan directly to this folder and into FYI.

Video Walkthrough
For a video walkthrough that includes this feature, refer to Importing Documents to FYI

Locating your FYI - My Imports Folder

In Windows Explorer, the FYI - My Imports folder would commonly be under your OneDrive - FYI Docs.


Adding Files to your FYI - My Imports Folder

You can add files to your FYI - My Imports folder with any of the following:

  • Add files to the folder with Windows copy/cut and paste, or drag and drop.

  • When printing a document to PDF, such as from a scanner or via a Microsoft product, you can print directly to your FYI - My Imports folder.

  • When saving files, you can save (or save as) directly to this folder.

Files are Imported as FYI Documents to your In Tray

When any files are added to FYI - My Imports the files are imported as FYI documents, added to your In Tray, and automatically filed. They are automatically removed from your OneDrive folder.

The import adds the following filing details to the documents:

Name of the document is set as the file name and file extension of the file that was imported. 

Owner is set as your name.

Filing Status is set as "Draft Filed".

Cabinet and Categories. If you have defaults set for AutoFile (for the Cabinet and Categories), these are applied to the imported documents. Refer to Setting Defaults and Filing Defaults for your own Login - My Settings.

Manually Syncing FYI - My Imports from your In Tray

There can be a delay of up to 10 minutes before files are imported from your FYI - My Imports folder. If needed, you can manually sync files immediately from your FYI - My Imports folder by clicking the FYI -  My Imports button in your In Tray.


When the process is running, the FYI - My Imports button is disabled until the process has finished.

When the import has finished a message displays with the number of files that were imported.


If any Files cannot be Imported

If any of the files cannot be imported, the message displays the number of files that had errors.

This shows a list of files that are "locked" which means that the file(s) you are trying to import are currently open. It also shows a list of any files that have been moved.


Close the relevant files, or add them again to your FYI - My Imports folder, and import again.

In your In Tray, Update the Details of the Imported Files and File them

From your In Tray, update any details of the document(s), such as the Client and if needed the Cabinet and Categories. Then click File to file the document. You can use bulk update any documents that have the same filing details. Refer to Updating Filing Details of a Document and Bulk Updating of Filing Details.

Note: When the documents are imported, they are moved into another OneDrive folder called
FYI - Processed. Documents stay in this folder for 14 days as a back up and are then automatically deleted. This folder is automatically generated by FYI. If the importing from FYI - Imports is not working, check that FYI - Processed folder exists, and if not create it manually.

Importing Emails with Attachments via FYI - My Imports

If you are using this to method to import emails with attachments, for example, emails that include scanned attachments, when the emails are imported to your In Tray, they do not have the attachment (paper clip) icon. So when using Bulk Update to update the filing details, the attachment(s) do not display.

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