Updating Filing Details of a Document

There may be times when you need to update the filing details of a document, for example, to change the client name or cabinet.

  1. In FYI, click on the relevant document in one of the lists.
    This opens the drawer for that document.

  2. In the drawer, click Filing to expand the section.


  3. Change the filing details as relevant.
    You can change the Cabinet or Category and change the Job if relevant. You can add Tags and Keywords. Refer to Using the Document Drawer.

Note: Any changes made to the Filing details in the drawer are saved automatically.

The Name displays at the top of the drawer. This identifies the document or email internally and is the name that displays in the lists in FYI.

You can change the Name in the drawer. Click the Name field, make the change to the Name and click the Tick icon to save the change (or click the X icon to not save the change).


To change the Client click into the Client field and begin typing the new name where the document should be filed. FYI will begin searching as you type, and display matches underneath. To cancel the change, press the Escape button on the keyboard.

Refer also to Bulk Updating of Filing Details.

Once a document has been filed you cannot remove the selected client - only select a new one. If the document is within the Knowledge Cabinet, you will need to export and re-import the document into the Knowledge Cabinet. Refer to Refer to Exporting Documents and Drag and Drop.

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