Can we import our existing documents to FYI?

We offer onboarding and migration services to suit your firm and the complexity of your data migration needs. Refer to Our Guide for Implementing FYI to review these options.

You can import your existing documents from various legacy systems and your team can continue working in your existing document system while the migration process is underway. Refer to What data is migrated into FYI? and The Document Migration Process.

Importing documents from Database Systems

The FYI Migrate app extracts historical documents from database systems including MYOB, Virtual Cabinet, CCH Document Centre and Iris Docs. When the syncing begins, your documents will Live Import into FYI. Refer to Document Migration for Database Systems

Importing documents from Folder Based Systems

You can use our FYI Migrate app to migrate data from folder-based systems such as Windows Explorer, HowNow or HandiSoft. When the syncing begins, your documents will Live Import into FYI. Refer to articles in the section Migration and to Document Migration for Windows Explorer, HowNow or HandiSoft.

Documents stored in a cloud-based system such as SuiteFiles and SharePoint can be migrated to FYI. They will simply need to be synced locally for the document migration process. Refer to Using the FYI Migrate App to Sync your Data for details.

Next Steps

The FYI team will manage the migration of your historical documents and onboarding to FYI. A Discovery Meeting is the first step in developing your onboarding plan. Refer to Booking your Discovery Meeting.


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