"Error creating document. Oh no, we had a problem creating your document" or "Cannot carry out your request" when creating a document


When a user tries to create a document (such as from Word, Excel or PowerPoint) into FYI, they get an error message "Cannot carry out your request" or "Oh no, we had a problem creating your document".


Issue solved by logging out of FYI and logging in again

This could be an issue that is solved by logging out and in again

Logout of FYI (click Settings in the top right-hand corner of FYI and select Logout, then login again.

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Problem with the Template, Stationery or Signature

If the email or document is being created from a Template, or using a Stationery or Signature, there may be a problem with the Template, Stationery of Email Signature.

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Error when creating a Spreadsheet using a Template

This could be caused by an invalid link in the template spreadsheet.

  1. In Knowledge - Templates , export the spreadsheet from the relevant Template.
  2. Open the spreadsheet in Excel desktop and click Enable Editing.
    When you open the spreadsheet you may see a message such as "We can't update some of the links in your workbook right now. You can continue without updating their values, or edit the links you think are wrong"
  3. In Excel from the Data menu - Edit Links select Check Links and check for any links that show "Error: Source not found".
  4. Correct the link or use the option Break Links.
  5. Save the spreadsheet and in the Template, use Upload to upload the corrected spreadsheet.

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Trying to Forward as Draft in Outlook an email that was Imported as a .msg file format

If you have imported an email in .msg file format, you will not be able to forward or reply to this.

Due to the restrictions of Microsoft, we do not support imported .msg file format. You can therefore not forward an email imported email in this format to Draft in Outlook.


  1. Convert the .msg file to an .eml file using the following free website converter Zamzar:
  2. Import the .eml file to FYI using Drag and Drop or via your FYI - My Imports OneDrive folder (refer to Drag and Drop and Using OneDrive FYI - My Imports to Automatically Import to your In Tray).

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