Opening and Editing Emails

In any list in FYI, click on an email to highlight and select it.

Opening and Editing a Draft Email

For an email that is still draft, it will depend if the email was created as Draft in FYI or Draft in Outlook how you open and edit it. For full details, refer to Sending Immediately or Saving a Draft.

  • For an email that is Draft in FYI, you can open, edit and send it from FYI. It can also be reviewed, or sent by another user.

  • If the email has been created as Draft in Outlook, the email is marked as sent in FYI and must be managed from Outlook from that point on. To make any changes and send it, open the email from the FYI - Drafts folder in your Outlook. 

Opening an Editing a Draft in FYI Email

When the email is a draft in FYI, you can edit it and make any changes before sending it.

  1. In FYI click the Documents menu.
  2. Select the email in a document list
  3. The Email Drawer will open


  4. Click the headings to expand sections in the drawer to make any changes.

  5. To change the contents, click the Editor button on the side of the drawer to display the Email Editor panel.

  6. You can use the Preview function from the Email Editor to see how all the Merge Fields will populate. Refer to Previewing the Draft in FYI Email in Creating an Email in FYI.

  7. Close the drawer to save the changes.

  8. To send the email, click Send
    To save the email as a draft in FYI, click Draft in FYI.
    To save the draft in Outlook, click the button next to Draft in FYI and select Draft in Outlook. The email will be marked as Sent in FYI; any further changes will need to be made in Outlook.


Opening a Sent or Received Email

You cannot make any changes to an email that has been sent or received.

To open a sent or received email and read the contents, you can use the Preview pane in the drawer or the Read function. Refer to Previewing an Email and Previewing Documents as Read Only.

You can also Reply, Reply All or Forward sent or received email. Refer to Replying to or Forwarding an Email.


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