Previewing an Email

You can display a Preview of sent or received emails for a quick snapshot of any email by using the Preview tab in the Drawer.

When the Preview pane is displayed for an email, if you can click on a different email in the list the drawer with the Preview pane remains open. This displays both the filing details and the contents in the Preview of the newly selected email. This is a useful way to look through the contents of emails.

  • You can also use the Read function to open one or more emails and/or documents as read-only in separate tabs in your browser. Refer to Previewing Documents as Read Only.

  • For a Draft email, you can check how it will look when sent using the Preview tool in the Email Editor. Refer to Previewing the Draft in FYI Email in Creating an Email in FYI.

Preview tab in the Drawer

  1. In any list in FYI, click on an email to highlight and select it.
  2. In the Drawer, click the Preview tab.


    A preview of the email is displayed next to the Drawer. The following example is when you are previewing via OneDrive.

    When previewing an email from the Documents list, the Preview Office via OneDrive toggle displays in the Email Preview and can be enabled or disabled for individual documents.

    To display images, the Preview Office via OneDrive must toggled on.
    If clicking on a link in the Preview, the Preview Office Via OneDrive option should be switched off.


  3. To close the preview, click the Hide tab, or the X at the top of the preview.

If you are prompted to Sign in

When you click Preview, if you are prompted in the Preview pane to sign in, click the Sign in button. This message is displayed if the OneDrive session has expired. When you click Sign in, the email will open.


Once you have logged in, after a period of time the OneDrive session will expire and you will be prompted to sign in again. This is a function of Microsoft 365.

Note: The Preview pane is a OneDrive function and is controlled by Microsoft, not by FYI. If you are having an issue with the Preview pane, please refer to the section FAQs - Preview and Full Screen View.

Adding and Displaying Comments when the Preview Pane is Open

When the Preview pane is open, you can add Comments or display the Comments that have been added.

To add Comments, click Comments at the top of the drawer.


The Comment pane displays. 


Type your message in the Your Comment area at the bottom of the Comment pane and click Comment. You can also notify another user of the Comment. Refer to Adding Comments and Notifying Team Members.

When Comments have been added to an email, and the Preview pane is displayed, the number of Comments displays at the top of the drawer.


Clicking this displays the existing Comments and you can add additional Comments.


To close the Comments pane and re-display the drawer, click the Back button.


Adding a Task when the Preview Pane is Open

When the Preview pane is open, you can add a Task to the email.

Click Add Task at the top of the drawer.


The Create Task displays in the drawer over the top of the Preview pane in the same way as creating a Task with the + button. Enter the details of the Task. Refer to Using the Task Drawer.

Using Full Screen in the Preview

To display the preview as a full screen, click the Full Screen tool at the top of the Preview pane.


The email displays as a full-screen preview with the drawer open. The following example shows the full-screen preview when this is set to preview via OneDrive.


To close the Full Screen preview, click the X in the top right-hand corner or click the Exit Full Screen tool.


Tools in the Preview tab

You can also use the tools at the top of the Preview. These are the same as the buttons displayed in the toolbar on the list for the selected email. Refer to Using the Document Action Tool Bar.


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