Adding a Task to an Email or Document

In FYI, you can create a Task directly related to an email or any type of document via the drawer. Referencing the email or document directly saves time by providing context for the task.

As well as for Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents, you can create Tasks for PDFs, for the FYI client interactions (Phone Calls, File Notes and Meetings), or any type of file you have uploaded to FYI, (such as images or zipped files).

When adding a Task to a filed Email, or to a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document, the same process applies, whether the drawer is accessed in FYI or from Outlook or the Office product.

When adding a Task to an email or document, the client is automatically assigned to the Task from the email or document. If the client is changed in the email or document, this will also update the client field in the Task.

Adding a Task to an Email or Document

  1. In FYI, select an email or any type of document in a list.
    Or, in Outlook, Word, Excel or PowerPoint, click the FYI Add-in.

    The drawer displays.

  2. Click the Add Task icon in the Tool Bar at the top of the drawer.

    Or, click the Task section of the drawer to expand it, and click the Add Task Button.

  3. The Create Task drawer displays.
  4. Select or enter the filing fields, or change any defaults that have been given. Refer to Using the Task Drawer.

    Apart from Client and the Task Name, all other fields are optional. You can select a Task Template to populate the name of the task and default field values.

  5. The additional fields for Task Categories can be displayed by expanding the Advanced section.


  6. Click Create.

The assignee is notified about the task. The task displays in Task lists in FYI. It can also be accessed from the Tasks section of the associated email or document.

Emails that have not been Filed

In FYI, Tasks cannot be created from a Draft email in your In Tray or in a Draft Filed view, and you will not see the Add task icon or button in the drawer. Tasks can only be created from an email that has been filed. In Outlook, Tasks cannot be created if the email has not been filed to FYI.

This is to avoid Tasks being created without being associated with a client.

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