Converting Standard Jobs to Workflow Jobs

After upgrading to the Elite plan, Standard Jobs can be converted to Workflow Jobs. This process is typically used when needing to bill another entity. Refer to Job Type Overview.

In this situation, we would recommend setting up a new Billing Job, used as the main job for the client. Refer to Create a Job. The current Standard Job could then be converted to a Workflow Job, a sub-job linked to the new Billing Job

To convert a Standard Job to a Workflow Job:

  1. Open the Job Workspace by clicking on the Job in a Jobs list, for example from the Job - Summary tab. Refer to Job Summary.

    The Job Type column can be filtered to easily display Standard Jobs only. 

  2. Click the Edit Job icon.
  3. From the Type drop-down, select Workflow. A warning will be displayed that changing the Job Type cannot be reversed.
  4. Update any other fields if required.

  5. Click Save.
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